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2021: The Year of the Global Workforce for British small businesses 

2021: The Year of the Global Workforce for British small businesses  36

Borderless talent & people management will be in play in a post-COVID world

The 2021 workforce will have a completely different composition, facilitated by tools such as Global Teams, just launched by people management operating system Employment Hero.

While large businesses with multiple locations worldwide have traditionally benefited from hiring the best staff regardless of location, smaller businesses have had to recruit based on proximity to their workplace. With COVID successfully removing the barriers of home-based working, smaller businesses, with the aid of technology, can now recruit in the same way and take advantage of a global workforce market.

Global Teams, a new Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) solution, has been developed to democratise the talent landscape and help small businesses sustainably scale-up. It will also provide businesses with access to talent pools across 54 countries without having to establish a foreign legal entity.

PEO services have long been exclusive to big enterprises, however Employment Hero’s Global Teams enables small business owners to compete against enterprises in the international talent market, with tailored tools and resources designed to best serve their distinctive needs.  It legitimises the hiring of international talent through compliant and fair work practices. Moreover, it aims to create a more inclusive cross-border working culture, with international employees having full access to Employment Hero’s suite of HR tools and benefits, keeping teams engaged, motivated and productive, wherever they are in the world.

The service also offers an in-built Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which enables businesses to create and publish open positions to job boards. International candidates will then be given an Employment Hero ‘Passport’ with access to the platform’s benefits, remote worker training, as well as a rewards and referral program to leverage network effects among employers and applicants alike.

Ben Thompson, CEO and co-founder of Employment Hero, said: “Our mission is to help make employment easier and more rewarding for small businesses. The Global Teams service will empower SMEs to tap into the international job market and give them the opportunity to recruit from the world’s best talent – all without the burden of international tax and law complexity.

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