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Adaptive Insights extends ease of use, power, and speed of cloud planning solution  

Adaptive Insights extends ease of use, power, and speed of cloud planning solution  

New capabilities target both finance and business users as corporate planning extends across the organisation

Adaptive Insights, the only pure-play cloud vendor to be named a leader in strategic corporate performance management (CPM)  today announced new capabilities in its award-winning Adaptive Suite. The new release, Adaptive Suite 2017.1, further expands its existing ease of use, business user collaboration, and powerful modeling and reporting offerings.

“Organisations recognise that planning is a corporate-wide function, so the tools used to manage business performance must be easily accessible by both finance and non-finance users, yet powerful enough to meet the needs of the most advanced finance user,” said Bhaskar Himatsingka, chief product officer of Adaptive Insights. “The new capabilities further expand on the core attributes of the Adaptive Suite that enable customers to better manage their businesses: easy, powerful, and fast.”

New capabilities deliver improved efficiency and enhanced collaboration

According to the latest the CFO Indicator Q4 2016 survey , CFOs report only 17 percent of their teams’ time is spent on strategic activities. More than two-thirds (68 percent) of CFOs also identified a continued rise in report request volumes, adding to the existing deficit in their strategic activities.

With the introduction of Visual Model Overview, Advanced Formula Expressions, Reusable and Repeating Reports, the Adaptive Suite continues to make it even easier for finance to deploy and, as needed, quickly change their models and associated reports.

Visual Model Overview provides a graphical representation of the model and its building blocks allowing new and returning administrators to quickly understand even the most complex associations and assumptions underlying the model. Advanced Formula Expressions makes it easier for users to develop more complex calculations and further enhances their ability to “express once, apply everywhere.”

Users can now quickly leverage components of existing reports to build new reports, easing the creation of management of scheduled reports but also making it much faster to react to ad-hoc requests. With Repeating Reports, featured in Adaptive OfficeConnect, once a well-formatted report is developed, users can instantly repeat the report by selected elements, such as different organisation levels again significantly reducing the time it takes for finance to generate reports and instead focus their attention on the insights the data provides.

To enable a truly cross-functional, collaborative planning process, it is critical to get adoption from casual or infrequent users of the solution. With the introduction of Process Guide, now instead of spending significant time on building training and documentation, the process owner can create a tailored step-by-step guide within the suite of the tasks the user needs to perform. Users are guided to sheets, reports, dashboards, or workflows that are pertinent for them to either review or make changes to. Process owners get a comprehensive view of the status of their processes real-time so they can perform timely course-correction if required to complete the process.

“Collaboration is a top priority for Sioux Steel, as users of the Adaptive Suite span our entire organisation from operations, such as manufacturing, purchasing, shipping/receiving, scheduling, and maintenance, to administration, such as finance, sales, marketing, IT, HR, and engineering,” said Richard Robinson, CFO of Sioux Steel. “The ability for both finance and non-finance users to leverage the same solution enables us to operate from a single source of truth. We’re impressed that Adaptive Insights continues to add more functionality to its already powerful platform.”

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