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aelf Forms Innovation Alliance to Accelerate Blockchain for Business

aelf Forms Innovation Alliance to Accelerate Blockchain for Business

Industry superpowers launch coalition to open doors for mass commercial blockchain adoption

aelf, the next-generation cloud computing blockchain network, has announced the creation of the Innovation Alliance, a coalition of some of the most prominent and influential industry players, to fast-track large corporations and startups on the road to blockchain adoption. The alliance will provide valuable resources to businesses of all sizes interested in exploring blockchain, including unparalleled industry insight and advisory support on how to integrate the technology into everyday commercial practices. The Innovation Alliance will be particularly beneficial to industries already feeling the disruptive forces of blockchain, including supply chain, banking, and gaming.

The founding members of the Innovation Alliance are Signum Capital, Singapore’s largest and most influential blockchain fund; FBG Capital, a major cryptocurrency and blockchain hedge fund in the Asia region; Roland Berger, the only leading global strategy consulting firm of German heritage and European origin; Huobi Labs, the research and ecosystem-building arm of Huobi; and Michael Arrington, the prominent Silicon Valley mogul and founder of TechCrunch and Arrington XRP Capital.

aelf Co-founder, Zhuling Chen, said: “Blockchain can seem daunting to small businesses that are just getting started, and perhaps even more so to well-established companies with long-held processes and practices. The world-class experts in the Innovation Alliance will actively encourage open information sharing based on their unparalleled experience in the crypto and blockchain community, inviting businesses of all sizes to join the conversation. This aligns closely with aelf’s overarching focus on peer-to-peer learning and an open-source approach to blockchain more broadly.”

aelf advisor, and TechCrunch and Arrington XRP Capital Founder, Michael Arrington said: “The founders of this alliance are bullish about the transformative potential of blockchain for businesses, but the real challenge will be widespread adoption. Having been heavily involved in blockchain project investing for several years, I have seen first hand the demand for informed, trustworthy counsel and the need to spread the word about what blockchain can do for our oldest industries and our most innovative of startups.”

aelf’s blockchain will serve as a Central Business District for commercial enterprises, enabling businesses to operate their applications on the public chain domain or their own private chains without the hassle of building their own. Within aelf’s ecosystem, each application will have its own resources to secure high performance, which is a current challenge in existing infrastructure.

The Innovation Alliance was unveiled at FBG Capital’s World Digital Assets Summit in Singapore, which hosted some of the biggest industry heavyweights to address blockchain development trends, best practices in implementation, economic impacts, and growth areas for academic research.

Dai Ke, Partner and Vice President at Roland Berger said:  “Traditional businesses need support and guidance in order to tap into the power of blockchain. From helping small businesses scale, to transforming long-established systems and practices, the commercial adoption of blockchain will be widespread, and this alliance will provide the insight organizations need to meet these growing demands.”

The Innovation Alliance is the latest initiative from aelf to encourage open-source, community-driven learning that will shape the success of global blockchain adoption.

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