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æternity Launches “House of Blockchain” Coworking Space to Support Blockchain Startups in Liechtenstein

æternity Launches “House of Blockchain” Coworking Space to Support Blockchain Startups in Liechtenstein

Co-working space will bring together new generation of blockchain innovators and enthusiasts  

æternity, the blockchain 3.0 platform designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance, and global scalability, today announced the launch of Liechtenstein’s House of Blockchain, a co-working space that supports projects developing decentralized applications with guidance and support from industry experts.

Commenting on the launch, æternity Founder YanislavMalahov said, “We are thrilled to officially launch Liechtenstein’s House of Blockchain and sincerely look forward to watching numerous projects come to life under the one roof. Today’s announcement is another important step in our mission to become the enablers of innovation, helping to extend the reach of blockchain technology both in Liechtenstein and on a global stage.”

“A blockchain-friendly environment with swift and direct contact with regulators, Liechtenstein is an ideal location for our House of Blockchain and we hope this initiative attracts further blockchain-focused businesses that aim to scale a successful project without being hindered by administration or regulation,” added Malahov.

One of the first projects to move into the House of Blockchain is Chainium, the equity network that allows business owners to sell equity in their business in return for capital from investors. With a variety of members, the House of Blockchain will be a hub for cross-sectoral collaboration, showcasing blockchain’s far-reaching potential to bring heightened efficiency and transparency to a wide variety of industries.

Thomas Nägele, Attorney at Law at NÄGELE Attorneys at Law LLC said, “The House of Blockchain is the ideal place for our law firm. We strongly believe that being part of the blockchain ecosystem allows us to interact and understand the specific needs of the community.”

SaschaRagtschaa, CEO and Co-Founder of Chainium said, “We’re delighted to open our new HQ in the House of Blockchain and work closely with our friends at æternity. Chainium is reinventing the global equity market by building the world’s first dual blockchain equities network – directly connecting business owners and investors by cutting out the middlemen. So, working in close proximity with other blockchain businesses, like æternity, is incredibly beneficial.”

Founded in 2016 by YanislavMalahov, the “Godfather” of Ethereum, æternity is designed to deliver unmatched productivity, transparent governance, and global scalability. A next-generation open-source, public blockchain built to support a global user base, æternity can handle large volumes of value transfers and decentralized applications in parallel.

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