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AI & Big Data powered platform launches to provide knowledge without borders

AI & Big Data powered platform launches to provide knowledge without borders

Academic and corporate institutions as well as R&D departments can now gain access to the world’s knowledge in a single platform 

Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd (GTCOM) has launched JoveEye, an AI & Big Data-powered platform that provides a swift and accurate semantic and data search function, allowing access to intelligent retrieval, analysis, and display of information within seconds, at the LBDA Summit in London.

JoveEye is a global knowledge retrieval and analysis platform built from diverse scientific and technological sources to turn data and insight into truly applicable knowledge for education and research purposes. It utilises cross-language big data analytics and semantic search capabilities, gathering and analysing more than 120 million pieces of data from over 112 countries, to offer breakthrough insights for scientific, technological and educational research advancement.

JoveEye was created in partnership with established technology brands Alibaba, Haier and Huawei, educational institutions including the University of Bristol, University of Kent, University of Vienna and University of Geneva, and research institutions such as OFAI (the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence).

Knowledge without borders

Each day, the JoveEye platform is updated with more than 30 million news articles and 500 million pieces of social data, so users can find the information they need to aid their search for solutions in technical research, legal risk warnings, competitive analysis and more.

CEO and founder of GTCOM, Eric Yu, said: “An innovation starts with research, so JoveEye strives to break down linguistic and logistical barriers, ultimately kick-starting a product or insight that will change the world.”

He continued: “For R&D departments and research professionals, university students and professors, the JoveEye platform will help to save time collating information from around the world in order to develop and further their research. It will give them access to global scientific research and technological open source data – Journals, Theses, Conferences, Patents and more other publications hidden away in foreign archives – by translating the transcripts in real-time and analysing them based on the researcher’s needs.”

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