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Alphametry targets MiFID II, transforming research procurement ROI for the buy-side

Paris-based research management platform launches a next-generation solution to address investment industry challenges.

Fabrice Bouland

Fabrice Bouland

Global investment research platform Alphametry today launches a comprehensive research management solution for the buy-side. Alphametry Investor will provide all asset managers, regardless of their size, with the benefits of a powerful, cloud-based solution enabling them to manage all their research with meaningful analytics, with the added advantage of complying with the new unbundling rules.

Adapting to the new MiFID II regime, which requires the separation of research and execution fees, is just the tip of the iceberg. Competition and innovation are forcing firms’ investment processes to evolve dramatically. Highly diverse sources of research must be quickly and systematically turned into actionable knowledge in order to generate performance. Alphametry Investor improves the research information journey within organizations while providing also a significant source of market-leading research providers worldwide.

“With the MiFID II deadline just around the corner, we have seen firms scrambling to find a viable solution to research unbundling,” says FabriceBouland, CEO of Alphametry. “The lack of visibility and time has left asset managers uncertain about what technology is available and would best suit their needs,” Bouland continues. “Thanks to its simplicity of implementation and a business model aligned with our customers’ interests, Alphametry Investor is truly innovative. Regardless of their size, they benefit from a full suite of tools to organize and analyze their own research and discover new sources.”

Both external and internal research is centralized in Alphametry’s secure service that does not require any installation. It features a powerful search engine, along with collaborative tools allowing portfolio managers to share notes and insights. They are able to evaluate all forms of research, including written reports, calls, meetings, and other interactions. The technology offers an insightful ranking system based on a bottom-up methodology using rich yet clear evaluation criteria. This is a significant step forward from the legacy broker vote system.

Asset managers now have access to a MiFID II compliant solution via one modern web app. Alphametry Investor is the next-generation solution for investment research management. It is powerful yet simple, with a pricing model reinvented for the investment industry and the profound changes it is undergoing.

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