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Amadeus Technologies Launches Investment and Insights Tool Based on Machine Learning and Strategy Algorithms

Amadeus Technologies Launches Investment and Insights Tool Based on Machine Learning and Strategy Algorithms

Powerful Analytical Solutions for Equity Markets Optimized for Speed and Performance with ClickHouse on Kodiak Data Cloud

Amadeus Technologies today announced the availability of Amadeus Equity Tools, an analytical approach to enable equity portfolio managers to quickly and easily derive actionable insights for investments. Built from the ground up on ClickHouse, a leading open-source columnar SQL database used for analytics and reporting, and Kodiak Data’s memory-speed cloud infrastructure, this application uses cutting-edge technology and machine learning (ML) techniques to manage big data.

Amadeus Equity Tools enables researchers to test rule-based investment hypotheses on clean financial data. Through extensive domain knowledge in equity markets, Amadeus Technologies has deployed advanced cleaning and processing techniques to create clean data from top data vendors and generate actionable complex factors that can be as complex as discounted cash flow analysis. The dashboard provides an intuitive user interface for creating investment rules and back-testing. By incorporating the entire research stack into one tool, users can quickly iterate through ideas to find the best performing strategies.

“Ensuring optimal accuracy and performance of our ML and strategy algorithms is one of our key requirements,” said Rafael Nicolas Fermin Cota, CEO of Amadeus Technologies. “We are excited to share that our developers rely on the NVIDIA® DGX-1™ for high performance machine learning acceleration. In addition, the partnership with Altinity and Kodiak Data allows us to offer not only a complete solution, but one that is even faster and more cost-effective than expected.”

“By combining the linear performance scalability and real-time report generation capability of ClickHouse on Kodiak Data MemCloudTM, Amadeus Technologies benefits from simplified database deployment and operation, as well as Altinity’s 24×7 support,” said Mindaugas Zukas, CEO of Altinity.

“We are pleased to support Amadeus Technologies with our cloud infrastructure designed to power big data analytics and ML,” added Kodiak Data’s CEO, SomSikdar. “Together with Altinity, the leading domain experts for ClickHouse, we provide unmatched value and performance to private and hybrid cloud users for data-intensive processing.”

Amadeus Technologies is a member of NVIDIA’s Inception program, which has supported innovation and breakthroughs in AI and data science since 2016. Nicolas Cota and Venkat Bala, Amadeus Technologies’ data scientist, are presenting a talk, “GPU Accelerated Machine Learning for Bond Price Prediction,” at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California, today at 2:00 pm PST.

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