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Archer ecosystem benefits from salerio post-trade solution

Archer ecosystem benefits from salerio post-trade solution

Corfinancial, a leading provider of specialist software and services to the Financial Services sector, has supported US outsourcing provider Archer in bringing a number of new clients onto its salerio solution for post-trade processing.

Headquartered in the Philadelphia region, Archer provides a robust ecosystem of technology and services to the asset management industry. Archer’s rapid business expansion has been bolstered by salerio’s progressive post-trade processing, reporting, and alert tools.

In recent months, Archer has successfully integrated the salerio solution in the services offered to new and existing Archer clients. Trades of investment firms representing USD$42.7b assets under management are facilitated through the salerio-enabled Archer trade settlement solution. The proprietary Archer Trade Settlement Dashboard provides clients with complete transparency to intraday trade status and counterparty efficiency.

salerio automates the trade process that matches trades for US domestic and international markets and provides visibility of all exceptions on a single dashboard.

“Broadening salerio’s impact on the Archer ecosystem has been an important strategic project for us,” said Bryan Dori, Archer CEO. “The effort has helped us to speed up our client onboarding, reduce operational risk and, most importantly, efficiently scale our global trade processing operations.”

Bruce Hobson, CFO at corfinancial and Global Head of salerio: “Archer is a key player in the US securities services industry, with the only cloud-based, multi-channel platform on the market. salerio is a significant component within Archer’s ‘selective outsourcing’ model, an Archer-exclusive innovation that allows managers to customize a solution by selecting only those services needed. We are therefore delighted to contribute to the success of such an innovative asset servicing firm as Archer.”

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