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Auriga announces new analytics software module to help banks turn data into results

Auriga announces new analytics software module to help banks turn data into results

Auriga, a leading European software solutions supplier for the banking and payments industry, today announced a new business analytics software module for banks to gain valuable, richer insights into how customers interact across all channels and operations.

Unlike many analytical tools, which look at data in single business processes, WWS Business Analytics Management (WWS BAM), to further enhance the WinWebServer (WWS) omnichannel banking suite, gives a clear, detailed overview of all analytical data from across the bank’s information system and configured retail banking channels.

Banks are today facing challenges in how to correctly collect and analyse masses of data in a cost effective and useable way. WWS BAM has been designed to help them achieve several major objectives on a single integrated analytics platform: cutting operating costs and inefficiencies, guiding investments more accurately and identifying new business opportunities faster and more effectively.

This new tool further enhances the existing WinWebServer (WWS) software suite and is designed to take full advantage of the high-value data collected by banks, and to allow decision-makers to define the best growth strategy for a market by optimising the reading of strategic indicators.

Mark Aldred, Head of UK Sales at Auriga said:

Data is possibly the most valuable business asset today. But the finance industry accumulates so much data it can be hard to know what to do with it all. Our new module builds on our already successful WWS platform, correlating data from across all business processes into one platform. Banks need to start turning the data they’re gathering into real, measurable business and strategy results and this platform helps them do that.

WWS BAM is able to extrapolate a large amount of data from business services across the bank, such as withdrawals, card recharges, account statements and payments. This data can be taken from multiple channels – whether on an ATM, ASD/ASST or a mobile device, via the Internet, or at a branch, or by any operation which generates data. This data is then collected according to predefined criteria and goals, and presented in clear, instant reports and graphics on a dashboard, to allow easy analysis of data in near real-time. Through a highly-intuitive and user-friendly interface, it can be used across the business without the need for highly technical skills and has the ability to turn data into strategic information.

WWS BAM enables the extraction, collection, analysis and graphical viewing of bank’s Big Data. The module provides an overview of data from all managed channels, allowing banks to analyse multiple factors and strategic indicators and business KPIs that can be used to define market strategies and opportunities. Through configurable management of access and analysis criteria and a channel-based approach, multiple dimensions of analysis can be created, allowing users to turn data into strategic information.

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