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Automotive businesses will fall behind development without agile approach

Automotive businesses will fall behind development without agile approach

Black Pepper is today warning automotive businesses there is a serious risk of falling behind in the autonomous technology race if they continue to rely on redundant, out-dated processes during development projects.

In its latest sector survey, the business found only ten per cent of automotive organisations are set-up for success. While automotive companies understand agile methodologies can provide a clear competitive lead, they are failing to take advantage.

John Cooke, managing director at Black Pepper explains, “The results demonstrate that with the tumultuous changes in the sector, the need to be agile in software development is the only way to retain competitive advantage. Agile solutions encourage innovation and development, providing businesses with the opportunity to adapt to changes in projects.”

There are many IT trends and futuristic ideas starting to take shape in the automotive industry, such as autonomous vehicles and connected cars. Chancellor Philip Hammond even announced £390 million of Government funding to boost the development of low emission and autonomous vehicles in his Autumn Statement.

It has become vital for automotive businesses to keep up with the evolving industry and continue to explore new ways to innovate, whilst ensuring development is completed successfully and safely. However, over 66 per cent of the survey respondents admitted they have real concerns with addressing security issues associated with connected cars, hacking, data encryption and personal data loss. “Automotive businesses need to ensure the technology provides a reliable, secure and positive impact for consumers,” says Cooke.

Cooke continues, “Looking at the research results, businesses that outsource IT projects adopt 45 per cent more IT trends on average. This may not seem significant, but as the automotive industry continues to develop into a new technological era, they must be open to throwing out the traditional book of working and look to new innovations, new trends and how they can be implemented across the business. This will ensure the company remains successful in today’s evolving industry.

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