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Becoming makers of better

Becoming makers of better


Bell ID and Ecebs officially start an exciting new chapter as ‘Rambus Security’. In this blog, Dr. Martin Scott, senior vice president and general manager of the Rambus Security division, reflects on the past twelve months since the acquisition and looks ahead to what the future holds.

The story so far…

It has been a year since the acquisition of Bell ID and Ecebs – and it is already hard to remember a time without them as part of the Rambus family.

Our immediate focus has been on bringing together the new ideas and technologies, while continuing to deliver the exceptional service, support and innovation our customers demand and expect.

Thanks to the efforts and hard work of so many, Mobile World Congress marks the successful completion of this transition phase. Our focus is now firmly on the future and the many growth opportunities that await.

What’s next for Rambus Security?

We are living in the age of IoT and, at Rambus Security, we operate at the mobile edge to enable solutions that fundamentally change the way we pay, travel and interact. Our work brings simplicity and security to services like mobile payments and smart ticketing, giving end-users enhanced, seamless experiences.

The success of this new digital economy is dependent on trust. And user trust stems from the knowledge that our solutions and services are built on world-class, robust security where it matters most.

We’re also committed to collaboration. By reaching the consumer and incorporating their feedback on product requirements and user experience, we are laying the foundation for a successful launch throughout the development process.

In essence, Rambus Security not only enables the technologies that make your life easier, but secures them by delivering on the promise of chip-to-cloud-to-crowd trust.

Better, together

For our customers, a change in name does not change our continued commitment to exceed expectations. Increased investment, worldwide reach and access to innovation from our international network allows us to solve more problems, develop increasingly advanced and innovative solutions, and provide comprehensive support across the globe.

Attending Mobile World Congress 2017? Head to booth 7J31 to find out more.

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