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Benefits of Instagram ads agency Melbourne for online business

Benefits of Instagram ads agency Melbourne for online business 40

Attract large Instagram audiences and motivate them to take action. Successful marketing is about bringing customers to where they spend their time. This is for about 800 million people on Instagram. More than half of users log in to social networks every day. Instagram has a large loyal user base and is an ideal platform to attract your target audience and make your brand within reach.

Since the platform is owned by Facebook, Instagram ads agency Melbourne gives you access to a wide range of targeting criteria, which can help you identify your target audience and maximize your return on investment. The Instagram participation rate is much higher than Facebook’s. Research shows that users are 58 times more likely to interact with branded content.

If you want to interact with existing and potential customers, then this will make the platform extremely attractive. 75% of Instagram users respond to the Instagram ads, when they see on their website Feed, more than one-third of people use it to buy groceries. By including effective advertising as part of a targeted Instagram ads agency Melbourne advertising strategy, you can increase website conversions and traffic. Let us study each one carefully to determine whether your business should participate in Instagram advertising and if so, learn how to use the offer to maximize success.

Opportunities continue to increase

Of course, as mentioned above, there are many people on Instagram, but what can we expect from actual growth? Take Australia as an example. From the third quarter of 2020 to the end of the year, among the 140 million users in Australia, Instagram users have increased by 8%. Advertising in Western Europe? By 2020, usage in the area has increased by 17%.

Build followers for your brand

When people use social media to communicate with friends and family or learn about their favorite celebrities the most, millions see which brands are shared. Not all users are actively performing this operation on the platform. Daily more than 200 million Instagram users visit and click at least one company profile. 81% of individuals who use Instagram also use the platform to research services and products. Recently, Instagram has made shopping on the platform more obvious. Each month 130 million users click on shopping ad messages.

Easy to create ads

If you use Facebook to grow your business organically and pay through ads, then connect them through Facebook Ads Manager, there is an easy way to further expand your coverage and the work of sister platforms. By integrating Instagram ads agency Melbourne with Facebook Ads Manager, you will be rewarded for achieving most of your optimization options, campaign goals, and targeting options.

Enjoy a higher participation rate

From the information, we see in customer accounts and what we hear in the industry, the participation rate is usually higher than other social platforms. If so, make sure that your product videos and images are attractive and branded so that you can make more purchases. The social media team reports that posts with photos, carousels, and videos are more engaged. Of course, it depends on the content to be promoted, your industry, and your target audience. An e-commerce marketing platform reported that the possibility of interacting with branded content on Instagram is 58 times that on Facebook, and the frequency on Twitter is 120 times that on Twitter.


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