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BeQuant partners with ZagTrader to bring the sophistication of traditional finance tools to the cryptocurrency market

BeQuant partners with ZagTrader to bring the sophistication of traditional finance tools to the cryptocurrency market

Strategic partnership will allow for increased institutional investor engagement with cryptocurrencies

Today BeQuant – one of the world’s biggest institutional cryptocurrency trading platforms – has announced a strategic partnership with ZagTrader – the fully-integrated global order management platform for institutional investments. The partnership will improve investor engagement with cryptocurrencies while allowing for enhanced controls in the market.

BeQuant’s feeds and routing capabilities are now available on the ZagTrader platform, allowing traders to have access to more destinations which include traditional investments and regulated digital assets venues. The partnership will allow institutional investors such as market makers, quantitative desks, arbitrage traders and active traders, to access opportunities in the cryptocurrency market via industry standard Financial Information Exchange (FIX) and robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

As a technology provider for many banks and financial institutions, regulated by various central banks and securities commissions, ZagTrader will work closely with BeQuant to further support the ongoing efforts for improved regulation in the cryptocurrency market. With BeQuant as a fully self-regulated organisation, applying the latest KYC and AML checks for its wide range of clients, this collaboration will ensure that adhering to regulatory priorities will be a prime focus for both businesses.

 Danny Mullen, Senior Broker at BeQuant, says:

“As more institutional names move into the cryptocurrency market, financial technology companies are seeing more opportunities to engage with these investors. As there’s a high demand from institutional clients for more sophisticated solutions, working with ZagTrader was a key focus for us as it will allow our customers to benefit from both the quality of our traded assets as well as the most effective technology available to help deploy their strategies.”

 George Zarya, CEO of BeQuant, says:

“Crypto’s recent downturn in the market has marked a noticeable shift in how the asset is viewed. People are now thinking strategically in terms of where and when they choose to invest. That said, there’s far more trust in cryptocurrency than ever before thanks to growing regulation and increased institutional investment – which is undoubtedly the biggest growth area for the market. This partnership will allow us to further engage with the institutional investment market, providing an increased quality of service for ZagTrader’s community and improved access to the numerous crypto assets available.”

 Shihab Khalil, CEO of ZagTrader, says:

“Over the years, ZagTrader focused on delivering an end-to-end regulatory compliant platform to clients in the traditional market space. As regulators become more involved in the crypto space, ZagTrader is ready to deploy with all the bells and whistles to keep the clients’ business running smoothly and the regulators satisfied. The rising interest of large institutional investment companies to become more involved in packaging new products to their investors, mixing traditional and crypto assets can be easily achieved with a few clicks using ZagTrader. Having BeQuant as a partner, whom is deeply involved in this space, adds tremendous insight for us – especially where the industry is maturing and regulations are being enforced. Furthermore, we are looking forward to expanding the reach and quality of transactions our clients desire with deeper liquidity and more profitable arbitrage opportunities. “

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