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Blessing or burden? What else could you buy for the cost of your timeshare?

Blessing or burden? What else could you buy for the cost of your timeshare?
  • Rising cost of timeshare maintenance fees see owners spending more than they would otherwise on a holiday (
  • A year’s timeshare costs could buy you a long weekend in Tenerife (Cheap Holidays Tenerife)
  • 50 years of timeshare costs could buy you two around the world trips (

Rising timeshare maintenance fees are seeing UK timeshare owners spending an average of £500 a year before they’ve even booked flights to their destination. Over the years, these fees begin to add up making timeshares more of a burden than a blessing for owners.

infoSo are they really worth it?

Leading timeshare sales company, who have exited 1,982 timeshare ownerships for clients in 2016 to date, have put the true cost of timeshare ownerships into perspective:

The average timeshare owner is spending £500 a year on fees not including flights, food or spending money. This amount alone could easily fund a long weekend on the beautiful Canary Island of Tenerife. For example, an all-inclusive, four-star long weekend for two people (flights, accommodation, food and drinks), can be booked for less than £400 through holiday planning experts Cheap Holidays Tenerife with over £100 left to spend!

It seems that timeshare owners are paying far more for their week’s usage than they would normally spend on a holiday.

Marketing Director of Jodi Beard comments,

“Timeshare owners are spending thousands of pounds in costs over a period of years and all too often aren’t getting their money’s worth. Rising maintenance costs associated with timeshares are driving owners to sell up as they realise they could book their own holiday for less and enjoy the flexibility to travel to a wide variety of destinations. In fact, 50 years’ worth of timeshare costs could fund two around the world trips.”

Better value holidays are just one of many luxuries timeshare owners could treat themselves to if they no longer had to think about timeshare maintenance costs. Just one year’s fees could buy a relaxing spa weekend, feed the family or buy ten £50 tanks of petrol.

Providing light at the end of the tunnel for unhappy timeshare owners, offer a professional service assisting timeshare owners with their individual queries and needs. Award-winning TV presenter, popular actress, travel writer and brand ambassador for Julie Peasgood comments,

Julie Peasgood

Julie Peasgood

“If your timeshare starts to feel like sun, sea and stress, it’s good to know there are options like”

With over ten years’ experience, pride themselves on their quality services which include timeshare resales, client purchases, trade-ins, disposals, alternative lifestyle and leisure products, as well as the provision of advice on getting the most from existing timeshare ownership.

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