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Bucket list on a budget: Scuba dive in Thailand for the price of your daily Diet Coke

Bucket list on a budget: Scuba dive in Thailand for the price of your daily Diet Coke

Brits are used to the rising cost of leisure activities, but new research shows your spare cash could buy you something a little more impressive in some of the world’s top tourist destinations.

International Currency Exchange (ICE) has researched some of the world’s most popular ‘bucket list’ activities and compared them to the typical everyday outgoings of the average Brit to reveal how far our spending money would go around the globe.

The research revealed a 262ft bungee jump in Germany sets thrill-seeking travellers back just £36, the same price as buying a medium latte every day for two weeks in the UK.

Scuba diving in Thailand on the other hand, will set you back just £13.95 – the same price as buying a can of Diet Coke every day at work for a month (20 cans).

It’s one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, but experiencing the Eiffel Tower in Paris may be more achievable than you think. For the same price as your daily chocolate fix you could enjoy the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, with 18 chocolate bars costing the same as a ticket to the top of the iconic landmark (£14.50).

The seven wonders of the world usually come pretty high on people’s bucket lists—but a little saving could see you on your way. A tour of the famous Pyramids in Egypt costs the same price as two working weeks (or 10 days) of supermarket lunchtime meal deals, while for the same price as eleven large Big Macs you could walk the Great Wall of China for a day.

ICE CEO Koko Sarkari said: “Everybody is guilty of splashing out on something—whether it is coffees and takeaways, or feeding a monthly shoe habit, but it’s quite shocking to see how much these everyday and monthly expenditures add up.

“When you compare this to the cost of some of the world’s most spectacular bucket list activities, you realise that saving up, even in incremental amounts, can instead buy some truly amazing experiences.

“With more budget airline routes opening up, travelling the world is within reach of more people – once in a lifetime doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Anyone who is trying to budget for a dream travel experience should take a look at their spending and see what small tweaks they can make to their daily expenditure.”

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