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Cardstack and DotBC Partnership Tackles Murky World of Music Rights

Cardstack and DotBC Partnership Tackles Murky World of Music Rights

Blockchain-based project puts music and media metadata back into hands of artists

New York, NY May 30, 2018 Cardstack Syndicate Inc., creator of the Cardstack framework, has announced a partnership with media rights management company Dot Blockchain Media Inc. (dotBC) to bring clarity and transparency to the highly complex data rights and payment processes plaguing the music and media industries. The strategic partnership will address the inefficiencies in music and media metadata storage, which frequently lead to artists failing to be properly paid for their content. The partnership will utilize Cardstack’s blockchain-based framework to accurately record and connect metadata from multiple platforms and give artists control over both ownership rights and how their art is commercialized.

Chris Tse, Founding Director of Cardstack, said: “Today, we typically see record labels, music publishers, and artists losing out because the metadata behind content is improperly or only partially stored by disparate, independent organizations. Cardstack and dotBC saw a marked opportunity to refine the music industry’s processes by introducing our robust blockchain-based framework as an on-ramp to storing and recalling crucial data. The blockchain-based solution has the potential to accelerate the existing dotBC network, allowing existing players within the music industry to publish and subscribe to a new, more efficient, music rights system.”

Ken Umezaki, CEO of dotBC, said: “The Cardstack partnership is a natural next step for dotBC to accelerate its development and business efforts. We collectively identified an opportunity to significantly enhance dotBC’s technology and business plans by formally aligning our efforts more closely. Leveraging Cardstack’s technology allows us to effortlessly integrate a world-class technology and services stack that combines the cloud and blockchain layers for our clients. I am really excited about working with Cardstack to deliver the first fully functional media rights management use case for the blockchain.”

The strategic partnership follows several successful dotBC collaborations with prominent music industry players, including the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), contextual advertising network MediaNet, digital distribution technology company FUGA, and online music store CDBaby. DotBC is also a formal partner of technology giant Intel, whose blockchain framework serves as the platform for recording dotBC’s recording rights registry.

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