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Crowd-Sourced Feedback Tools to Help Businesses Make Better Decisions Quickly

Crowd-Sourced Feedback Tools to Help Businesses Make Better Decisions Quickly 39

In order to successfully manage a business in any one of today’s complex and hyper-competitive 

industries, you need some way to measure your performance metrics. Without any way of measuring your company’s progress, or the impact of your decision-making, you cannot adopt an effective management strategy.

Using crowd-sourced feedback, businesses can measure the efficacy of their designs and improve the outcome of their decisions. Get ready to dive in; we’re about to give you the ultimate guide to using crowd-sourced feedback for your business.

What is Crowd-Sourced Feedback?

The term “crowd-sourced” is derived from the fact that the feedback being given comes from paid panelists. Oftentimes, the feedback you need to hear the most comes not from your coworkers or management – but your very own clients and customers. A survey panel of real American or even global consumers can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your designs.

Crowd-sourced feedback can come from a dozen audience members, or several thousand; it all depends on the needs of the firm and the capability of their crowd-sourced feedback tool.

What is a Crowd-Sourced Feedback Tool?

A crowd-sourced feedback tool relies on tapping real customers across America to share their thoughts and beliefs on a particular issue. Businesses utilize these platforms to generate unique insights into how they run their business, develop their products, or market themselves.

A firm using a crowd-sourced feedback tool creates surveys to explore the impact of new business decisions. These surveys are designed to be specific, and include questions whose answers are measurable.

The questions are out there – the community has the answers. Real-time crowd-sourced feedback enables businesses to target crucial market segments: 

The Importance of Feedback

Feedback is a vital tool in helping firms steer their decision making. Incorporating customer insights into your firm’s designs is vital. If your products or services do not conform to the beliefs, values, and tastes of your clients, you run the risk of creating a product that is misaligned to the tastes of your market. Or worse – your product won’t have a market at all.

While many large and mid-sized businesses employ in-house marketing teams to drive research  campaigns and gather feedback, many small and independent companies – that is, the majority of firms out there – cannot afford such a privilege. Crowd-sourced feedback platforms are an affordable alternative to paying for 3rd party surveying.

Crowd-sourced feedback from thousands of customers across the nation helps businesses:

  • Test elements of their brand
  • Design product packaging
  • Create engaging marketing campaigns
  • Improve customer experience
  • Stress test apps before release
  • Develop Amazon listings


Effective feedback generation helps bolster confidence in one’s decisions, draws communities together, and often leads to better outcomes. 

Instant Crowd-Sourced Feedback Tools

Crowd-Sourced Feedback Tools to Help Businesses Make Better Decisions Quickly 40

Helpfull is an instant-survey platform, meaning their users can access their survey results immediately – right as they’re submitted. The utility of real-time customer feedback lies in the speed and ease with which even novice surveyors can run their surveys. 

From the moment their users click “Get feedback” on the Helpfull main app – to the time their survey reaches its first panelist – is often less than 10 minutes. On average, a Helpfull survey with an audience of 100 pollsters completes in just 18 minutes. During that time, users can watch their audience responses pour in.

Benefits of Signing Up to give Feedback

Digital testing platforms enable thousands daily to make better decisions by receiving feedback from online audiences.

Enrolling as a tester on a crowd-sourced feedback platform is a fantastic way to make a little extra money while working from home. Websites like Helpfull pay users to share their insights and feedback on a variety of different topics and industries: home decor, business, writing, design, art, music, and more.

For more information on the benefits of signing up to give feedback, click here!

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