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CUSC Foneguardlaunches new website offering specialist Apple insurance

CUSC Foneguardlaunches new website offering specialist Apple insurance

CUSC Foneguardare unveiling their new website, which offers specialist gadget insurance for Apple devices. The company will focus exclusively on providing cover for the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and the Apple Watch.

Founded in 1989, CUSC Foneguard was the first company in the UK to provide mobile phone insurance directly to the end-user. Since then, CUSC Foneguard and their group of partner companies have insured over 891,000 individual customers. Today, their experience and expertise is focused on providing specialist insurance for Apple devices. CUSC Foneguard is the only Apple specialist insurer who owns the whole customer journey in-house, from policy inception through to claims fulfillment.

CUSC Foneguard are also looking to expand their services, offering their insurance to customers in Ireland, as well as putting together special offers catering to students and NHS staff.

CEO, Mark Gordon, shares his opinion on the benefits of taking out specialist insurance:

“A specialist Apple insurer like CUSC Foneguard offers a level of knowledge and experience that may surpass that of general insurance companies.Understanding Apple devices inside out means we can tailor our services to offer the best experience for our customers.

“What we provide goes beyond what customers of AppleCare receive. Whilst AppleCare is an extended warranty that is essentially focused on hardware support, our insurance protects customers against incidents like accidental damage, water damage, theft and loss; something that’s essential to those who rely on their devices daily.”

CUSC Foneguard also offer a range of resources that can help customers get the most from their iPhone, iPad, MacBook or Apple Watch.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, CUSC Foneguard are a trading name of Pier Insurance Managed Services. Providing specialist Apple insurance for over 25 years, the company has insured over 891,000 devices to date, and all claims are handled by an in-house team.

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