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Eseye Cellular to AWS Cloud Gateway prepared for new levels of M2M IoT Innovation

MikroElektronika and Eseye have today launched a new AWS Cloud connected product that gives developers a simple, smart and affordable way to explore the potential economic, social and health impact of IoT in ever more creative ways.

Uniting with Eseye, the global M2M IoT cellular specialist, MikroElektronika has launched a new connected click boardTM, the AnyNet™ Click. This globally enabled, award-winning, cellular module allows developers to realise the huge potential of Over-The-Air IoT by easily and securely connecting prototype devices to the internet, and then seamlessly delivering data into the AWS Cloud for further configuration and analysis.

“Anyone developing for any market can use this latest product from the renowned click board™ family. The AnyNet 2G click combines Eseye’s secure connectivity and AWS Cloud solution, data is sent to AWS console for analysis, rather than customers having to develop their own modules and analytics software. Eseye’sAnyNet Secure™ SIM is compatible with any board carrying a mikroBUS™ socket thanks to this click board™”, said Aleksandar Mitrovic, Product Marketing Manager at MikroElektronika.

The new AnyNetclick can easily be deployed on any MikroElektronika development board (or any board that hosts a mikroBUS™ socket) and tested in multiple combinations across the full range of micro-controller and click boards. It gives developers throughout the world the freedom to rapidly build IoT devices and is the ideal platform on which to develop and test M2M IoT, and to utilise AWS Cloud data analytics tools.
“What will be particularly attractive to the industry is that it’s easy to use. The click mother board uses a USB connection into the computer, the developer writes simple code on the motherboard and the same AnyNet click provides the cellular in any of 75 countries, for data ingest into the AWS Cloud”, commentedPaul Marshall, Chief Customer Officer at Eseye.

The AnyNet click is one of MikroElektronika’s flagship click boards™ hardware product range, which enables rapid project prototyping by developers. The range consists of hundreds of prefabricated, interchangeable, add-on boards, for interfacing micro-controllers with peripheral sensors or transceivers and is a universal, plug-and-play, IoT product development system.

“There used to be two ways for IoT projects to be developed, the first required all-singing, all-dancing IoT Gateway hardware costing thousands of dollars, the second was to build your own boards, send data parcels to your own server, to then programme and configure your own reporting e.g. in Excel. Both options required designs to be drawn up for manufacture and a huge amount of development time and effort to meet the security requirements of a cloud services provider – this is all now provided by the AnyNet 2G click.”DjordjeMarinkovic, CBDO at MikroElektronika

The AnyNet Click features:

  • Connects development projects globally through 235+ cellular networks across 75+ countries and securely sends data to the AWS account
  • Is supplied with a start-up package, including FREE Activation through AWS and a six-month cellular connectivity service of up to 5,000 messages onto the AWS Cloud*
  • Provides security features for developers to remotely and securely activate, authenticate and certify the prototype device Over-the-Air directly from the AWS Cloud
  • Instantly meets Cloud security rules and gives immediate scalability as projects grow
  • Gives unique levels of integration with AWS IoT and reduces or removes ongoing developer and infrastructure costs with AWS resources e.g. AWS IoT Gateway and Cloud Storage and Analytics
  • Bills data sent from the device (thing) to the AWS Cloud as messaging through AWS Marketplace

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