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Ethical investment opportunity provides ‘win-win’ for UK care homes and investors alike

  • Over 65’s population across England set to grow over 40% in the next 17 years (AgeUK)
  • Sunderland’s over 65’s population to rise over 30% by 2025 (
  • Care home investments are ‘win-win’ opportunity to invest in the future of UK care (Properties of the World) 

1Life expectancy in the UK is on the rise; Brits are getting older and living longer. According to the charity AgeUK, 11.4 million people are aged 65 or more and over the next seventeen years, this figure is projected to jump close to 16 million, an increase of over 40%.

With an ever ageing population comes an ever growing demand for quality housing and care provision. The percentage of people in England over the age of 85 increased by 289,000 between 2005 and 2014, a growth of almost 30% that is expected to accelerate further over the next 20 years.

2In order to meet the inevitable need for increased health and care services in the coming years, the UK government committed in 2015 to transferring £3.8 billion from the NHS for joint NHS and local council decision-making about the funding of health and care services.

Despite this move, social care funding and supply within the UK still remains under pressure creating a ‘win-win’ opportunity for the care industry as it seeks external private investment.

3Jean Liggett, CEO of visionary property investment consultancy,Properties of the World comments,

“With such pressure on care funding, care home owners and operators are no longer able to rely solely on antiquated models of supply and finance. Private investment in the care industry will help to maintain the supply of care to those who need it most. Take Wagon’s Way care home in the North East of England, this opportunity to purchase rooms, open to individuals, delivers an ethical ROI, based upon a sustainable model that takes into account the needs of both residents and investors.”

Wagon’s Way is located in the historic town of Washington, Sunderland. According to Sunderland council’s Sunderland Strategy, the number of people in the region aged over 65 in 2005 was 45,800. This number is expected to rise by over 30% to 59,000 by 2025.

Sunderland’s ageing population has sparked renewed focus on meeting the needs of older people throughout the city via projects such as Wagon’s Way. The 58-bed facility will soon be transformed into a high quality nursing and dementia-specific care home. Providing specialist nursing and palliative care, Wagon’s Way will ensure high occupancy and long-term success in a sector that already generates £14.5bn a year for the UK economy.

Just five minutes’ walk from the picturesque River Tyne, Wagon’s Way is ideally situated. With a park and St Peter’s Church just a stone’s throw away, residents will feel safe and secure in this peaceful location.

For £53,820, investors in this ethical purchase opportunity can look forward to fixed rate rental income of 8% per annum for up to 25 years and an ROI of up to 225% compared with high street bank savings generating returns of up to only 1%.

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