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FICO’s Marta Czerep Named to DataIQ 100 List of UK Analytics Leaders

FICO’s Marta Czerep Named to DataIQ 100 List of UK Analytics Leaders

FICO data scientist joins list of the most influential business leaders in UK data-driven organisations


  • DataIQ has named FICO’s Marta Czerep to the DataIQ 100, a list of the most influential business leaders in UK data-driven organisations
  • Czerep specialises in predictive analytics and optimisation — the use of analytics to derive superior decision strategies
Marta Czerep

Marta Czerep

Marta Czerep, a senior manager in the EMEA Analytic Consulting Team for analytic software firm FICO, was named one of the DataIQ 100 for 2019. DataIQ revealed its power list of the most influential business leaders behind many of the most effective data-driven organisations in the UK last week.

“Marta epitomises everything that the DataIQ 100 list is about — a smart, data-literate, committed, international practitioner who is putting her skills to work for the benefits of clients and their customers,” said David Reed, knowledge and strategy director at DataIQ. “She undoubtedly brings huge value to FICO, where she is able to find challenges worthy of her abilities. On top of this, at a time when only 14% to 17% of the workforce in tech is female, she is a role model for other women aspiring to work in the growth sector of data and analytics.”

Czerep works with banks, retailers, telecommunications providers and other organisations to advance their use of predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics (optimisation). While many firms have some history with predictive modelling, few have experience with optimisation, and Czerep has helped businesses in multiple countries move to a new level of analytic competition. In addition, she is helping expand credit access by finding ways to incorporate new, reliable data sources into credit scoring.

Current and recent projects include:

  • Providing cloud-based alternative deals solution that will enable a Europe-based global lender to capture more auto finance deals, by optimising the generation of alternative offers
  • Incorporating competitor pricing into price elasticity modelling for the unsecured loan portfolio of one of the UK’s largest firms
  • Developing a prescriptive analytics solution that enables a leading retailer in South Africa to effectively simulate and optimise lending strategies
  • Developing a risk rating model with traditional and alternative data for a fuel trading company
  • Developing a risk model based on alternative (telecommunications) data

“I am seeing a much greater desire and readiness to use very complex analytics techniques — especially AI — within the industry, along with a growing recognition of the importance of meeting consumer’s preferences,” said Marta Czerep. “That is exactly what we at FICO consider vital. Using advanced analytics is a way for a business to show commitment to customers – if we collect your data, we will do our best to understand and anticipate your needs.”

FICO’s Derek Dempsey and Manish Gandhi were named to the DataIQ 100 in previous years.

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