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Governor Software partners with CastleHill for enhanced RSA Archer integration

Governor Software partners with CastleHill for enhanced RSA Archer integration

Governor Software Ltdan innovative governance and oversight solution provider, today announced that it has partnered with CastleHill Managed Risk Solutions to provide enhanced RSA Archer integration to its client base.

The integration of RSA Archer and Governor Software’s proprietary technology enables CastleHill’s clients, namely senior executives within financial institutions, to have a broad view of their risk and compliance status alongside key programmes they are overseeing.

The highly flexible approach to integration between Governor and RSA Archer allows for “out of the box” and significantly customised RSA Archer platform implementations to be leveraged. One example of this is using preconfigured reports which can be integrated from RSA Archer and loaded into Governor Software. This provides line of sight risk visualization between an organisations obligations or objectives and the related policies, controls, Key Indicators and documents. This approach means a single pre-defined metric can impact many different elements in Governor breaking down pre-existing silo’s and highlighting impacts across different areas of a business.

“CastleHill employees have led some of the largest and most complex RSA Archer projects globally,” explained Timothy Carbery, Managing Partner at CastleHill Managed Risk Solutions. “With a large client base of RSA Archer users, CastleHill have seen the power of integrating these two solutions and will be offering Governor Software to our RSA Archer clients going forward.”

“Like many of their peers, CastleHill’s clients are faced with huge amounts of governance data from all areas in an institution. Produced in varying formats, its challenging to build a consolidated view of compliance or oversight of risks alongside associated processes and controls,” explained Richard Pike, Founder and CEO, Governor Software. “Our highly agile software coupled with RSA Archer is helping CastleHill’s clients maintain regulatory and risk governance and oversight through clear visualisation of regulatory obligations – replacing a torrent of emails and associated man hours.”

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