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Homelyfe opens up its technology stack with the launch of its Partner Platform to deliver its vision of a modern, connected insurance experience

Homelyfeopens up its technology stack with the launch of its Partner Platform to deliver its vision of a modern, connected insurance experience

Homelyfe, a new type of insurance company using technology to make buying and managing insurance easier for consumers, today announces the launch of its Partner Platform, to enable third party firms to take advantage of its insurance product lines and provide home insurance cover in less than four minutes (with the quickest purchase so far being 85 seconds).

The Partner Platform means that third parties can now implement Homelyfe’s custom technology and insurance buy flow within their own digital domains and earn commissions. Regardless of if it’s in an app or on a website, the experience is delivered with uninterrupted ease.

A typical banking app offering home insurance would, prior to Homelyfe, require the consumer to fill out over 60 third-party insurance questions to even get a quote. On mobile, this is a far from an ideal customer experience. With Homelyfe’s Partner Platform, the same banking app could leverage data it already has on the customer to pre-fill information where appropriate and virtually remove all questions in that buying journey – taking an outdated and archaic process and using technology to transform it into a straightforward one.

Andrew Craven, Co-Founder and CTO: “With our Partner Platform we enable third parties to integrate an insurance offering into their own apps and websites, alongside their own products, using Homelyfe’s state of the art technology. It’s a game changer for the insurance industry, providing a much-needed modernisation of an antiquated process, and is the first step towards a seamless insurance-as-a-service platform for partners and brands.”

Not only is the customer experience improved, but crucially for partners, customer conversion rates and commissions will increase also. Given the structure of the Homelyfe product offerings, the price at the point of renewal shouldn’t change and therefore customer loyalty and ongoing repeat commission will exceed the industry averages. Another important feature of the platform is the partner commission monitor – an automated service that is delivered to partners every night, providing daily analysis and removing the need to manually reconcile at the end of every month.

Peter Goodman, Co-Founder and CEO: “Finally, everyone can experience what the insurance buying and management process should be. Our Partner Platform is the first step in delivering multiple line insurance buying to the masses. By opening up our products through our technology to third parties, we’re changing the status quo on what’s regarded as a ‘good enough’ customer experience in the insurance industry. We currently have Home Insurance and will be adding further insurance lines on a quarterly basis, a deployment speed we can achieve because we built our technology from scratch.”

Goodman continues: “There are forward thinking companies looking to improve on how things have previously been done in their sector and that are always striving to improve customer experiences, along with their margins. Over the course of the next few months, we plan to announce several key partnerships, in our exclusive roll out plan.

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