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Homeowners Given The Chance To Make Some Extra Cash – Simply By Closing Their Blinds

Homeowners Given The Chance To Make Some Extra Cash – Simply By Closing Their Blinds

New scheme that offers advertising on blinds could provide homeowners with additional income

No-one likes to catch the prying eye of a stranger walking past their home on an evening, so, naturally, the blinds tend to be down or curtains drawn as people unwind and cosy up as night falls. But what if you could actually make money from this all year round, while still keeping those nosy neighbours at bay?

Online blinds retailer, Direct Blinds, is giving homeowners the chance to do just that, after announcing its plans to allow other brands to buy the advertising space on the back of customers’ blinds. The idea behind the scheme came after research uncovered three quarters of Brits would be willing to using their home to make some extra cash.

When it comes to those that already pay to use someone else’s home, over half 53% rent a spare room, and 48% rent a desk in a home office. One in five (20%) even rent a garage or parking space to keep their car safe.

When asked specifically about advertising on the back of their blinds, one in four people (25%) said they would be happy to if they were paid to do so.

Sofa carpet specialist, ScS, advertises across many channels and has already expressed its interest in becoming a potential partner.

A mock-up of what a Direct Blinds advert could look like

Managing Director of Direct Blinds, David Roebuck, commented: “As we are able to print anything on blinds, back or front, we thought it would be interesting to see how many homeowners would be interested in using the back of their blinds to advertise.

“With homeowners not being able to see the back of their blinds themselves, having a company pay to advertise on them would be an easy and straightforward way to make extra cash, without compromising the interior of your home.

Kevin Royal, Managing Director at ScS, added: “Advertising is a hugely important part of our marketing mix, with TV, radio and newspapers currently being our key channels. We’re always looking for fresh ways of reaching out to new customers and we would definitely be interested in partnering with Direct Blinds on this eye-catching venture. Having our products showcased on people’s homes across the country would be a fantastic way of presenting our stylish offerings in a unique and inspiring way. It’s definitely an innovative way of advertising that is going to turn heads!”

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