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Instaloft – Rob Stone’s Rags to Riches story

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Rob Stone is the Founder of Instaloft – the UKs largest installer of loft storage solutions.

But Rob’s business journey is true rags to riches story. What do you do when you have spiralling debt, 9 children to feed and no job? You believe in yourself; you think outside the box and you work hard.

How did it all begin?

Having folded his previous business, Rob was left with no job whilst battling to feed his 9 children and spiralling consumer debt. He had to resort to desperately selling his belongings at car boot sales just to put food on the table.

Determined to create a business that would support his family long-term, he was inspired to create the Instaloft brand after Googling franchise opportunities.

Although he didn’t have money to invest – or experience in loft installation – he purchased some tools via a £200 credit card, secured an early supplier agreement and set to work. Fast forward 6 plus years and Instaloft now turns over in excess of £14 Million in revenue, generates a healthy 7 figure profit and employs 127 people UK wide. All achieved through grit, determination, and a willingness to succeed…whatever it takes.

Falling down the stairs gave him a eureka moment

By the end of his first year in business, Rob had turned over £125K in revenue and generated £12,500 in profit. He learnt a number of key lessons during this time – including the value of working on the business instead of in it after suffering a fall down the stairs of a potential customer, which resulted in two sprained wrists and the inability to complete manual work, forcing him to recruit his first employee…and the rest is history.

What is next for Rob and Instaloft?

Now on track to exceed a turnover of £14 million and profit of £2 million by October 2021, Rob is not only LoftZone’s biggest and best customer, but has also acquired one third of the business that enabled him to establish the Instaloft empire.

With invaluable expertise in business development and people management strategies, Rob is on a mission to double the firm’s revenue to £30 million within the next three years, whilst taking the time to ‘give back’ to the business community by helping aspiring entrepreneurs on their own journey to success.

Teads partners with Lumen Research to offer attention measurement to clients globally 36

Rob Stone

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