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iPhone 8 set to be the most popular yet   

  • 69% of current iPhone users plan to upgrade to the new iPhone 8 when it’s released
  • A third (34%) of smartphone users will be switching to Samsung when their next upgrade is due
  • Most common reason for upgrading to the iPhone 8 is brand loyalty to Apple

September 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Apple’s iPhone, and although it hasn’t been officially unveiled yet, users can’t wait to get their hands on the newest model.

New research from mobile phone insurance specialist Insurance2Go has revealed that 69% of current iPhone users are planning to sign up to the new iPhone 8 when their upgrade is due – despite not yet knowing the exact specification and features.

However, with the rumoured1  removal of touch ID and the home button, and expected addition of facial recognition, glass body and wireless charging, it’s not entirely surprising that so many people are willing to make the change to the latest handset.

Almost a third (30%) of all British smartphone users plan to change their handset to the iPhone 8. Yet, the results prove that Apple won’t be shaking off their main competitor anytime soon, with a third (34%) of those surveyed choosing Samsung for their next upgrade. Only 14% will be upgrading to another handset provider when their next upgrade is due. The remaining 22% of current smartphone owners will be ending their contract altogether.

While the majority of iPhone owners plan to upgrade, almost 1 in 10 (9%) said they’ll be ending their relationship with Apple altogether. Among the reasons given against an upgrade included that the iPhone 8 will be too expensive (61%), while others stated that they don’t think it will be an improvement on previous models (32%).

Gary Beeston, Marketing & Sales Director of Insurance2go said:  “Although we’ve seen the likes of Samsung challenge Apple for the top spot over the past few years, the nation’s brand loyalty to Apple products is clear – branching out to tech all around the home, not just smartphones.

“The gap between the brands is slowly closing, though, so it will be exciting to see what surprises the new iPhone 8 has in store for us in order to keep its loyal following happy.”

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