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Is Hybrid The Latest Trend For The Multichannel Market In 2017?

Is Hybrid The Latest Trend For The Multichannel Market In 2017?

Forceful, significant changes are most likely to happen in 2017 within the multichannel management arena. Particularly regarding application solution provisions, and this will result in significant firms’ growth and profitability in this sector.  A total commerce solution will be the next big thing and will enable retailers to fully exploit the power of their back-office solution at point of sale.

In 2016, many organisations and SMEs feel like they are pleased with their back-office ERP system (to help them with general marketing as well as stock control, warehouse management, order management, CRM, shipping integration, and reporting or analytics).

However, we envisage that in 2017, more open minded and braver firms will adopt a Hybrid system to take advantage of adding one more key component into the base ERP system and in effect have completed the marketplace scenario. Those firms would want to invest in an all-in-one, fully integrated, eCommerce and ERP solution that utilises a single data source – a traditional back-office system (as you know it) that also operates as the CMS (content management system) for the website, eradicating any double entry.

Not also, hybrid will help with integrating offline and offline sales, making the all process more efficient, but investing in ahybrid system solutions will avoid incurringprimarilyin the following three (usual) main eCommerce mistakes:

Many Businesses Treat ECommerce as A Separate Business Entity

Inability to Integrate Multiple Systems

Underestimating the Amount of Data Transferred Between Systems

Hopefully this specific post will clarify our view that hybrid system solution will play a major role in 2017 for retailers involved in multichannel operations.

For retailers out there wanting to grow their business whilst improving efficiencies within their operation, hybrid is a real foresight and a valuable functioning asset.

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