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Kodak Alaris partners with UK Software

Kodak Alaris partners with UK Software

Kodak Alaris Information Management has announced a new partnership with UK Software, which will enable clients within the healthcare and wider public sector to benefit from additional services and applications to better manage critical information to drive efficiency. 

The collaboration will combine Kodak Alaris’ award-winning range of scanners and software solutions with TranSearch, the independent software developer’s Windows and web-based records management system, to provide clients with a custom-designed information management solution that seamlessly bridges the gap to connect individual users, in-house records management and archive providers’ systems.

UK Software specialises in increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of managing paper documents and files, from creation to final archive storage and destruction. Once a document is scanned, using barcode technology, TranSearch seamlessly manages labelling, tracking, onsite and offsite storage management, retrieval, online ordering and management reporting.

Designed for organisations with multiple sites and departments with large amounts of files which are scanned, stored, accessed and moved many times, TranSearch delivers significant cost and time savings. Identifying items, based upon policies, which are eligible either for destruction or removal to offsite storage, cuts internal storage costs, and by recognising items due for destruction, it also reduces offsite archiving costs.

Furthermore, Track and Trace functionality removes the time-intensive and error-prone requirement to manually search for records. TranSearch can interface with most third-party archive facility systems, meaning physical files which are sealed and barcoded can easily be located and returned, regardless of whether they are stored on or offsite.

John Messeter, CEO, UK Software said: “TranSearch safeguards against the risk that confidential or vital information goes missing.”

Steve Clarke Public Sector Solutions Manager for Kodak Alaris Information Management said: “Our partners play a vital role in the Alaris IN2 ecosystem through their ability to connect, configure and create new solutions that meet customers’ needs, now and into the future. The addition of UK Software’s expertise in integrating systems and providing custom interfaces for records management will enable us to add further value to clients within healthcare bodies and across the wider public sector.”

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