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loveit coverit Reduce Excess Fees for May and June

loveitcoverit Reduce Excess Fees for May and June

With summer fast approaching and more and more people heading outside, specialist mobile phone and gadget insurance company, loveit coverit, have lowered the excess prices for accidental damage on all new policies during the months of May and June. This limited time offer will apply to all handset models currently available on their recently relaunched website, including the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8+, and the Samsung S9 and S9+.

The normal excess cost for accidental damage on an iPhone X is £80, which has been reduced to £60 during the promotional period. Similarly, an iPhone 8, 8+, Samsung 9, 9+, 8, 8+, or 7 Edge would cost £60, reduced to £45. All other devices would usually cost £33 in accidental damage excess, however, with the promotion, is reduced to £25.

Speaking about the promotional reduction in excess charges, loveit coverit Managing Director, Toby Stubbington, said:

“At loveit coverit we understand that the summer is a particularly high-risk period for mobile phones, with the majority of accidental damage claims occurring during this time. That’s why we’re happy to offer even lower excess charges than normal for May and June, so our customers can go out and enjoy themselves and still have peace of mind.”

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