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New CDMA to 4G and LTE IoT Cellular Bridge Announced for USA

New CDMA to 4G and LTE IoT Cellular Bridge Announced for USA

Eseye, a leading global specialist provider in M2M cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the completion of a new Mobile Network Operator (MNO) interconnect agreement spanning the USA, with North America’s largest wireless service provider.

The new interconnect provides enterprise customers with a wireless option that will transfer the liability of existing CDMA legacy estates and extend them into 4G LTE and global device deployments by integrating with Eseye’s management platform (SIAM). Eseye also provides additional, specialist, IoT customer and project support and enhanced complex networking security.

The management resources required, for devices deployed across multiple regions or when entering the US market, will also be reduced when using the Eseye interconnect and specialist IoT support to bridge the CDMA to new 4G LTE gap.

Ian Marsden, Esye CTO, said “Our new interconnect will simplify, secure and ease the management of IoT deployments for customers. The move is pivotal for organisations seeking to add new 4G LTE devices across the globe to their legacy CDMA estate with a proven, single management contract.”

Damian McCabe, Eseye GM Americas, said, “Through one service contract with one portal, one bill, and one global support team to provision all devices and network operators, enterprises can become more efficient, more competitive and more profitable.”

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