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One in three Brits daydream about future holidays to get through the working day

One in three Brits daydream about future holidays to get through the working day
  • One in five Brits spend a week a year dreaming about or planning their next holiday, while one in ten spend 15 days or more of their year planning trips
  • Over a third spend their time at work or on their commute to research getaways and getting inspiration
  • Instagram and photos of friends’ holidays now beat travel agents as the best source of travel inspo for 18-34 year olds

A holiday on the horizon is a well known way to beat the blues and it appears that gloomy commutes and workplace stress are the time we most need some help from holiday inspo, with over a third of Brits using their commute or time at work to daydream about their next travel escape.

New research by online travel agent Florida4Less looked into people’s holiday habits and found that one in five Brits spend over half an hour per day getting practical advice and inspiration for their next getaway, while a further one in ten spend the equivalent of two weeks a year lost in holiday fantasies.

When it comes to travel it also appears that many of us are all inspiration but no action, with over half of people daydreaming or planning holidays they never take at least once a week.

This number rises to a huge 74% of people in the 25-34 age bracket, suggesting this generation are most in need of travel inspiration to get them through the stresses of daily life, whether that holiday comes to fruition or not.

The research also revealed the top places that people get inspiration for their holidays, with nearly a quarter of 18-34 rating Instagram as a top place to get holiday inspo, and 25% using their friends photos to get inspiration for their next trip.

The traditional high street travel agent on the other hand appears to have gone out of fashion, with only 7% rating it as a source for holiday inspiration.

Commenting on the research Jon Moulding, co-founder and director at Florida4Less, said: “With the average person now spending 14 days a year on their holidays, ensuring you’re well informed before booking your next trip is more important than ever before.

“Luckily, there is now a plethora of ways to fine tune the details of your next trip, whether that’s getting inspiration from friends holiday photos, or using online travel websites and Instagram to discover your dream trip.

“The promise of an upcoming holiday in the sun is the perfect way to get through the gloomier days of the year, so we’re not surprised to see that Brits are spending more and more time in their daily lives dreaming about their next getaway.”

Recent research has shown that hashtags relating to travel are some of Instagram’s most frequently used tags, with the #travel tag alone being used 158 million times on the platform.

To help those who are looking for ideas of where to go for their next trip, Florida4Less has picked out its best Instagram accounts to follow for holiday inspiration.

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