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P2P Investors Polled on Their Thoughts and Opinions on Risks vs Rewards

P2P Investors Polled on Their Thoughts and Opinions on Risks vs Rewards 45

Peer-to-peer investors are being asked to share their opinions as part of the UK Crowdfunding Association’s (UKCFA) response to the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) proposal regarding a major marketing restrictions clampdown.

The proposals were published in April by the city watchdog to reinforce its rules on financial promotion for high-risk investments, such as peer to peer lending.

Members of the UKCFA, including the companies Rebuilding society and Abundance are reaching out to investors, asking them to share their thoughts and opinions on peer-to-peer lending. The data collected will subsequently form part of the trade body’s feedback and evidence in response to the FCA’s discussion paper.

An online survey has been sent to the UKCFA members comprising 24 questions, addressing a series of topics such as the financial products they have money in, whether they hold a general account or an Innovative Finance ISA, the type of peer-to-peer products they have such as property bonds and more.

Specifically, the respondents are being asked to indicate why they use P2P lending and if they are pursuing a particular financial goal or for long-term investment purposes.

In addition, the survey seeks to clarify the extent to which the potential risks associated with P2P lending are explained, acknowledged and understood by investors.

“The aim of the survey is to provide opportunity for customers of P2P platforms to express their views on the proposed rule changes and also to provide additional insight into how well informed they feel about risks,” said Abundance managing director Bruce Davis, in an interview with Peer2Peer Finance News.P2P Investors Polled on Their Thoughts and Opinions on Risks vs Rewards 46

Better Protection for Retail Customers

The FCA’s discussion paper is seeking opinions and input across three primary areas which are the classification of high-risk investments, further segmenting the high-risk investments market and the approval of financial promotions.

Ultimately, the goal of the FCA is to determine if heavier marketing restrictions should be placed on more types of investments and if so, which types of marketing restrictions should apply. The regulator has indicated its intent to strengthen the rules on separating high-risk investments from fixed rate  investments, in order to afford better protection for retail customers.

According to the FCA, there are still far too many inexperienced investors considering high-risk investments that they do not understand and are not suitable for their needs. They argue that additional restrictions on marketing such investments are necessary, as the current rules do not always result in an accurate picture being painted of the respective risk level.

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