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Preparing Your Tyres for Winter Driving

Preparing Your Tyres for Winter Driving 36

As the temperature drops, your tyre rubber tends to stiffen affecting your vehicle’s grip on the road. Therefore, for a safe and smooth travelling experience, it is important to make sure that your tyres are ready for the harsh winters!

In this article, we have listed a few checks that you can perform to make sure you’re travelling along with safe tyres during winters. For our readers based in Kent or nearby areas, we do have one tyre shop recommendation as well. Want a change of tyres? Look no further as Dartford Tyres Autocentre has got you covered. You can book tyres online via their website and get great quality and amazing offers. Also, if you are concerned or unsure about your tyres’ current situation, you can visit Dartford Tyres and get a free tyre safety check.  

During winters, road conditions tend to deteriorate as cold and damp roads become more common. Since ordinary rubber tends to stiffen during cold temperature, it becomes difficult for the vehicle to have a firm grip on the road. Travelling at a high speed under such conditions can therefore make the vehicle slip and cause fatal accidents. It is therefore advised to switch to winter tyres as they are composed of a special rubber that retains its elasticity even during the coldest times offering superior grip and improved control over your vehicle.

In winter season, it is important to check tyre tread depth using a proper tyre gauge. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm but professionals recommend a minimum tread depth of 3mm in winters. So, if your tyres are currently not according to the legal limit, visit your nearest garage and get them checked by professionals. Whether you switch to winter tyres or not, it is imperative to conduct regular checks throughout winters to ensure maximum safety. Tyre pressure should be checked at least once a month or before taking a long road trip. It should be made sure that tyres are properly inflated to the recommended levels as mentioned in your owner’s manual. Additionally, do not forget to visually inspect your tyres and look out for any signs of damages or cuts, bulges and cracks as a punctured tyre during winters can be a huge safety threat.

Correct tyre care, maintenance regime and tyre selection will greatly affect your safety on road during winters. Therefore, follow all the safety checks mentioned above and you’re good to go!

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