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Product Handling Tips That Will Make Your Business More Efficient

Product Handling Tips That Will Make Your Business More Efficient

Product handling has a huge impact on your business. Having an efficient product handling strategy means that your products and employees will be more organised. Using materials like Euro containers, your business will be more organised when it comes to handling and shipping.

Exporta Global say that “Walmart in the US and Tesco in the UK are allegedly looking to move to Euro Containers in order to keep their food produce fresher”. Changing up your product handling system could make a huge difference to your business. Find out what you can do when it comes to product handling solutions.


This may seem like a fairly obvious choice, however, if you warehouse is organised, things will run a lot smoother for your business. Many businesses prefer to stock materials by the order of the most frequent sales using different coloured euro containers. If you sell seasonal items, pack them into euro containers which will keep them safe during their time in storage. This will save you a great deal of time and money during order filling and inventory procedures.

Pick lists

Pick lists is another method which will boost productivity in the work place. If you are a smaller business that only processes one or two orders a day, picking by order is efficient. Every business is different and find the right method for you is important, that is why you should always choose one that will increase the accuracy of the pick process.

Your business may find that it will obtain greater efficiency if materials are picked in bulk with grouped orders. The products which are required can then be brought to your shipping department and sorted by individual order.  Sample different methods and choose the one which suits your business best.

Shipping Euro Containers

Technology has allowed us to use routing and shipping methods. The way that it usually works is that the first items in will be the last items delivered. You can improve this method even further by making use of GPS technology to set up efficient delivery routes.

If you are using a third party for shipping, you should still consider tracking technology. This method works for businesses who deal with both B2B or B2C customers. Nowadays, your customer wants to know where the order is, that is why tracking your products is so important.

Product Handling Materials

Make sure that you always purchase your product handling materials from a professional company. The truth is that technology and databases can only get you so far when it comes to customer satisfaction as you will need the right equipment and euro containers for loading, unloading and movement in your warehouse.

Product handling materials should be long lasting, using quality euro containers will save your business more money in the long run, however if your products are normally stored on pallets, have the correct forklifts.

It is advised that you keep your equipment well maintained to prevent breakdowns as accidents and equipment failures will disrupt your efficiency. You may find that downtime or loss of skilled employees will leave your business at a disadvantage.

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