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Prophet Unveils Strategic Partnership With Fintech Membership Body Innovate Finance

Prophet Unveils Strategic Partnership With Fintech Membership Body Innovate Finance

Prophet, the global strategy consultancy, today announced a partnership with Innovate Finance, the independent members’ association representing the UK’s global FinTech community.

The rise of FinTech is disrupting the traditional finance world in very deep and lasting ways, andthe disruption has only just begun. Prophet and Innovate Finance are collaborating to support the FinTech community in achieving success by helping them create relevance among consumers and businesses through exciting new value propositions and designing experiences that are built around the customer.

Innovate Finance’s membership comprises start-ups – new FinTech businesses and ventures in the early stage of growth; ‘momentum’ businesses or unicorns – organisations that have secured significant funding; and enterprises – larger, established businesses, such as global banks. The group supports its members through a broad range of activities including event programmes, working groups, advocacy, promotion and policy research.

Innovate Finance and its members will benefit from Prophet’s consultancy services and deep expertise gained from working with financial services and technology companies. Prophet will apply its global network of experts to help Innovate Finance members build relevant brands and customer experiences, leverage digital as a transformative force and create strategies that accelerate growth.

The first major component of the agreement will be Prophet’s sponsorship of, and participation in, the 2017 Innovate Finance Global Summit taking place on April 10-11 at London’s Guildhall.

The partners will also collaborate on a wider programme of thought leadership content and events. This is designed to help Innovate Finance members share knowledge, in order to remain relevant to their customers in a rapidly changing digital world, and ultimately drive growth.

Prophet Partner Greg Handrick, who leads the consultancy’s Financial Services practice in Europe, said: “We’re thrilled to be a part of the Innovate Finance community, which places Prophet at the epicentre of the world’s most dynamic FinTech hub. At the same time, we’re pleased to be bringing something to Innovate Finance and its members that it doesn’t yet have – broad expertise in the kind of customer-focused growth that FinTechs of all sizes will need in order to succeed.

“For smaller FinTech businesses that are just starting up, Prophet can help bring greater clarity to their value propositions, sharpen their business cases and create a go-to-market strategy to get ideas off the ground. For larger, more established businesses we can help to make concepts more relevant, by bringing fresh thinking around customer-centric innovation at a time when this is on top of many enterprise agendas.”

Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO of Innovate Finance, said: “We are looking forward to working with Prophet as we broaden our footprint and increase the range of resources we make available to our members. Prophet brings a unique mix of business consulting, customer experience and digital strategy to our platform, and this is already showing results. Our partnership shows our commitment to maximising our potential to reach as many FinTech influencers as possible and to share our content and knowledge to those who are taking part in the exciting changes that are shaping the future of financial services.”

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