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Pt Helps Residents Get Active AtKnowle Hill Park

A new study detailed in the British Medical Journal has presented evidence to show that regular exercise can help us ‘drop a decade’. Six senior authors, from a broad range of medical backgrounds came together to produce a report that reinforces the message fitness is invaluable to slowing down the ageing process[1]. One new Surrey development where you can get your fill of exercise, just yards from your front door, is Knowle Hill Park in Cobham.

Pt Helps Residents Get Active AtKnowle Hill Park2This luxury development of just 29 magnificent homes has been built by Millgate, who is well known for going the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. Knowle Hill Park is set within a unique parkland backdrop and offers residents 45 acres of private land to enjoy. A state-of-the-art on-site gym boasts a range of equipment that would keep any avid gym goer happy, and outside, Millgate is creating a 500m running trail.

All residents are offered a private one-to-one gym induction with local personal training instructor Freddie Watkins, the Lead Trainer from Cobham’s boutique gym, The 225 Club.  Freddie can often be found on site, taking residents through their paces, working to individual capabilities.

Freddie comments: “We are really pleased to be working with Millgate and residents at Knowle Hill Park. The people I have met at the on-site gym are really keen to learn how to use the equipment and embrace extra exercise into their lifestyles.  Some of the ladies are keen for me to start a weekly Pilates session which is good for people of all ages, but particularly beneficial for the older generation, helping to build their core strength and keep them supple.”

“I am a firm believer that people are more likely to exercise if it is easy for them to do so and this is certainly the case at Knowle Hill Park. The gym, the running trail and the 45 acres of parkland are a great incentive for the residents to get fit, and I look forward to a continued relationship with them at this beautiful development.”

One of the new residents, Mr Alastair Keir, said: “My partner and I have just relocated from Dorset to Surrey. There were many things that attracted us to Knowle Hill Park, one of them was certainly the easy access to the well-equipped gymnasium. We took up the offer of some training from Freddie as soon as he was able to fit us in. His instruction was excellent; he gave us some great tips on using the equipment and how to use it most effectively to reach our goals.

“We are looking forward to a healthier lifestyle here, although it will be hard with The Ivy Café that has just opened up the road!”

Jonathan Cranley

Jonathan Cranley

Jonathan Cranley, Sales and Marketing Director at Millgate, comments: “At Millgate we try to include space for a gym wherever we can, particularly at our larger developments. The gym at Knowle Hill Park has been equipped to suit all adult ages and capabilities as we anticipate there will be a range of homeowners here. The addition of the team at The 225 Club is an added bonus for our residents. As a luxury home provider we are always looking for ways to go the extra mile and we certainly believe we have pulled that off in Cobham.”

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