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Red Box Introduces New Functionality to Provide Additional Compliance Assurance. 

Red Box Introduces New Functionality to Provide Additional Compliance Assurance.

Red Box Recorders, the leading compliance recording solutions provider, has introduced new functionality designed to provide an additional level of assurance for financial organisations required to meet the increasingly stringent call recording regulations, such as MiFID II and MAR.

‘Quality of Recording (QoR)’ provides real-time analysis of audio calls to ensure that recordings have been successfully captured and are of a sufficient audio standard to facilitate future analysis when regulatory or dispute investigations occur. If an inaudible or inferior recording is identified then an alarm is immediately raised via Red Box Recorders’ Insight multi-channel management platform, either via web console, email reports or automatically published to network management tools.

It extends the functionality of Red Box Recorders’ ‘Daily System Check’, which automatically verifies that all telephony devices that should be recorded are operational, and forms part of the organisation’s proactive end-to-end performance guarantee. It can be provided as part of a toolset or offered by Red Box Recorders as a managed service.

Red Box has developed ‘Quality of Recording (QoR)’ to address the challenges around the capture and quality of call recordings which can be impacted by several issues outside of the recording system itself, including network bandwidth, performance and availability. It is not uncommon for organisations to leave recordings in storage for long periods of time until a future event requires retrieval and playback. If there is no other quality check other than occasional playback, there is a significant risk that unusable recordings may have been generated for a long period without the root cause being addressed.

Pete Ellis, COO at Red Box Recorders, said: “Quality of Recording is the latest feature that enables Red Box Recorders to manage the end-to-end integrity of all components in the chain of communications, from the telecommunications connections where a call originates all the way through to long-term storage of recordings. Its introduction further consolidates our position as the leading compliance recording solutions provider and will give our customers added peace of mind.”

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