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Sky high maintenance bills of up to £10,000 driving record numbers of UK timeshare owners to sell up

Sky high maintenance bills of up to £10,000 driving record numbers of UK timeshare owners to sell up
  • confident that 2016 will eclipse 2015’s timeshare exit figures
  • Thousands of UK timeshare holders calling time on their timeshares
  • Maintenance bills of up to £10,000 forcing UK timeshare owners to sell up

Thousands of UK timeshare owners waved goodbye to their timeshare commitments last year with leading timeshare sales company, facilitating 2,250 timeshare exits.

Timeshare exits were up by a third in 2015 compared to the previous year and the company is set for an even more successful 2016, having exited 1,555 timeshare ownerships to date.

Jodi Beard

Jodi Beard

Marketing Director Jodi Beard, is confident that will eclipse 2015’s figures as the company moves into their peak period. Jodi comments,

“October through to February marks our busiest period as timeshare owners receive their annual maintenance bills. Often owners find that over time these fees become too expensive and for many, this will drive them to look at ways to exit their timeshare commitments. With 1,555 timeshare exits in process already this year, we are confident that 2016 will see us set a new record.”

Sky high maintenance bills are the reality as to why many owners look to exit their timeshares.  In some cases, the fees can come close to £10,000 for clients who may have been sold bundles of weeks as “investments” with the promise of them being sold before any fees would be due, when in reality it is hard work to sell just one timeshare, let alone multiple weeks.

There are many other factors that can lead to owners re-considering their timeshare commitments including personal circumstances, family factors, lack of flexibility and the travel bug.

Jodi explains,

“With so many people seeking advice on their timeshare, we have been able to understand what factors lead owners to sell up. On top of ongoing maintenance costs, changes in personal circumstances such as bad health or a new job can contribute to owners wanting out of their timeshare. Family issues can also play a part with children of owners not wanting to inherit the property, hence a cancellation or sale.

Sky high maintenance bills of up to £10,000 driving record numbers of UK timeshare owners to sell up“Some owners find that they are unable to get the exchanges they want on their timeshare and this lack of flexibility can drive them to look for a way to exit altogether. For others, although they enjoy spending time in a destination where they know the local area and community, many find that after a while they would rather travel to other destinations urging them to sell up and spend the money on holidays to a wider range of locations.”

Providing unhappy timeshare owners with a light at the end of the tunnel, pride themselves on their services with over ten years’ experience in assisting timeshare owners with their individual queries and needs.

Julie Peasgood

Julie Peasgood

Award-winning TV presenter, popular actress, travel writer and brand ambassador for Julie Peasgood comments,

“Many timeshare owners feel that they have few options when it comes to selling up, so it’s great to see a professional and dedicated team like offering genuine solutions”

The qualified team offer timeshare resales, client purchases, trade-ins, disposals, alternative lifestyle and leisure products, as well as the provision of advice on getting the most from existing timeshare ownership.

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