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Solgari releases GDPR & MiFID II Compliant SMS service as part of Integrated Omni-Channel Cloud Communications platform

Solgari releases GDPR & MiFID II Compliant SMS service as part of Integrated Omni-Channel Cloud Communications platform

Customer demand for all the digital communication channels in the cloud drives release of SMS solution 

Solgari, the global provider of compliant, integrated omni-channel cloud communications services today announced the release of our compliant SMS service which is now available as part of our cloud communications suite to existing and on-boarding customers.

Solgari provides our customers all the digital communication channels – including voice, WebRTC video, chat, IM & SMS – while automatically addressing GDPR, MiFID II & PCI DSS compliance requirements through a per user per month SaaS model.

The release of the SMS module, driven by consistent customer demand, meets all the following requirements and is already live with Solgari customers using SMS communications with their clients: 

  • Add SMS to the digital omni-channel communications solution – our customers can now use SMS as part of fully integrated solution already including Voice, WebRTC Video & Chat.
  • Customers can choose standard or bulk SMS options – there are multiple SMS options including users being able to send & receive on our software phone, Solgari Communicator, or bulk SMS for campaigns or customer updates.
  • GDPR & MiFID II Compliance – as part of the integrated cloud solution, all SMS communications can be recorded & archived, along with other customer channels, meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Reporting – if SMS is recorded, it can be search & retrieved just like the other channels, providing unlimited reporting capability.
  • Integration with Core IT such as CRM – the SMS module forms part of the integration Solgari has completed with leading CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Zendesk with all inbound and outbound communications delivered to and from the CRM with all related reporting requirements.

 Key Features Include: 

  • Customers pay a monthly software subscription cost and can send up to 25,000 SMS per day.
  • Cost per SMS depends on destination and whether the Premium SMS or Carrier SMS is chosen.
  • Premium SMS service includes features such as One Time Password, MMS, two-way SMS, auto retry, alphanumeric presentation with full tracking and delivery report for each SMS.

Enda Mulchrone, General Manager at Hastings remarked “We provide our customers a number of communication channels, including Voice, SMS & chat and with the advent of GDPR it was important to think carefully how we could manage the recording of customer data in a compliant manner. Solgari’s solution allows us to provide all the digital channels – including SMS – while automatically addressing GDPR compliance requirement for data controllers. The ability to run our outbound SMS campaigns and customer updates on Solgari’s cloud platform along with our other communications was a key factor in moving to the cloud.”

Rob Hennelly, Product Manager at Solgari added, “Our R&D roadmap focuses heavily on commercial demand and our customers using SMS with 3rd party vendors have consistently asked us for a solution that would be compliant, feature rich and available as part of the overall Solgari integrated offering. The release of our SMS module and the immediate client uptake is further evidence of the significant market movement towards digital and the desire to offer all potential communication channels to customers.”

Vance Harris, CTO at Solgari noted, “The release of our compliant SMS service module is the start of a sequence of significant product releases we will be announcing over the next two quarters. The market is demanding solutions that can deliver all the communication channels, compliance, reporting and analysis through the cloud as a SaaS solution and we are delivering on that vision.”

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