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Sonm Releases Minimum Viable Product To Developer Community

MVP will allow for testing of SONM network ahead of customer release in August 2018


SONM, the universal fog supercomputer powered by blockchain technology, has today announced that it will release its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to developers on December 25, 2017. The release of this beta version of the SONM platform will offer developers an opportunity to test the range of fog computing services offered by SONM and to offer critical feedback and improvements ahead of its planned release to customers in August 2018.

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, SONM is a distributed worldwide system for peer-to-peer and general-purpose computing, implemented as a fog computing structure. It provides a viable and more cost-efficient alternative to cloud solutions and services by operating in the fog computing structure. SONM’s resources are run on users’ computers, which provides the benefits of reduced prices, an open infrastructure, and a common resource pool with unlimited computing power. In the SONM system, miners based around the world leverage their idle computer power to join the network. SONM will be able to reward its community for sharing their processing power with SNM tokens. 

The MVP will feature SONM’s marketplace service, a dedicated internal feature that collects buy and sell orders from consumers and suppliers of computing power. The MVP will also include worker nodes that perform user tasks, as well as client nodes that are installed on the consumer and supplier sides to interact with the SONM network. The service will run hub nodes, both in failover mode (a back-up operational setting) and in standalone mode (a state that is operable independent of other devices). In addition, the MVP will feature a locator service responsible for hub discovery and a set of smart contracts with test tokens.

SONM CEO Sergey Ponomarev said: “This is a major milestone in the development of the SONM platform. The launch of the MVP ahead of schedule, less than six months after the establishment of the company, is a testament to the discipline, reliability, and creativity of the entire SONM team. The MVP will significantly accelerate the timetable required to fully develop the platform and its deployment to the customers that have been eagerly awaiting its release.”

The SONM team has identified a roadmap of key updates, commencing with the testnet releases, until the planned final product release in August 2018. The final product release will include features that make the system efficient for public use on a live network.

Ponomarev added: “With the launch of its MVP, SONM is excited to provide our existing partners with early access to the marketplace and the ability to leverage the community’s collective computing resources. This will prove to be a critical resource for learning and tests, providing us not only with the opportunity to develop a user-friendly service with advanced capabilities, but also with the ability to build valuable partnerships both now and in the future.”

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