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SopraSteria Partners with Wallet.Services to Develop Innovative Blockchain Solution

Proof-of-concept platform SICCAR to better manage public sector data

SopraSteria, a European leader in digital transformation, today announces a new strategic partnership with Wallet.Services. The collaboration will help develop a blockchain platform, SICCAR, designed to better manage vital public sector data. 

The SICCAR platform, which is being jointly developed with the Scottish Government CivTech® unit, is designed specifically for cross-agency working. It builds on existing, proven, blockchain technology to create a trusted digital environment that allows people and organisations to collaborate and share information securely.

In terms of its specific use, SICCAR aims to assist civil servants process licensing permit applications and enforcement. There is great demand for solution in this field, as more than 180 Scottish Government agencies currently manage this service. It is anticipated that SICCAR, currently a proof-of-concept, will be trialled with local governments this year.

SICCAR will drive paper-free, digital-first public service delivery, with an onus on putting the user first. It aims to reduce administration and duplication costs, whilst improving transparency and confidentiality. The platform applies blockchain technology to support better governance of data. This enables information to be managed in a far more secure and efficient manner compared to conventional paper or digital systems. SICCAR will also ensure information can be shared and validated without unnecessary exposure, putting citizens in control of their own sensitive data.

Working with SopraSteria during the project’s pilot phase will assure the robustness of the solution. The partnership will allow SICCAR to be up-scaled quickly, in order to maximise public services for the benefit of Scottish residents.

There is a strong business case for developing SICCAR, as sharing information sensibly between public sector organisations, in a way that citizens and businesses find acceptable, is the holy grail in maintaining and improving public services.

Alison McLaughlin, Regional Director at SopraSteria, commented:

“We are delighted to add SICCAR to our toolkit and to be working with Wallet.Services. Our partnership will investigate how this solution can be deployed to address specific information sharing requirements. SopraSteria is committed to helping innovative tech startups such as Wallet.Services to solve societal challenges that will benefit the public. We have a strong track record in supporting digital transformation projects and I look forward getting SICCAR ready-for-market.”

Stuart Fraser, CEO at Wallet.Services, commented:

SopraSteria has an outstanding track record of implementing transformational digital solutions within the public sector using a wide range of technologies.  They have the skills, the domain knowledge, the business processes and the size to work effectively with the public sector to pilot and implement significant transformational change quickly and effectively.  This partnership allows Wallet.Services to maintain our focus on our key strength – the technology.”   

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