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Take A Look At These Simple Brain-Training Tips

Take A Look At These Simple Brain-Training Tips

Did you know that a quick game of online bingo could give your noggin a boost? Or that a run around the local park could sharpen your mental agility?

Keeping your brain in shape is a good idea – just like our muscles need a good workout from time to time, so does that soft, spongy nerve tissue – it could help prevent memory loss and help guard against conditions like dementia.

To coincide with World Health Day, WinkBingo have put together an infographic looking at simple ways you can keep your synapses firing. So ditch the apps and gizmos and embrace the everyday – find out how just 30 minutes of running can improve reaction times and learning capability, how eating smart can make you a brainbox and much more.

ANewApproachToBrainTraining - Final version

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