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Tech Amigos provides unrivalled AWS cloud service support for Autorama Group’s leading brand, Vanarama

Tech Amigos provides unrivalled AWS cloud service support for Autorama Group’s leading brand, Vanarama 41

Tech Amigos delivers the technical support needed to ensure Vanarama establishes itself as a disruptor in the automotive leasing market

Autorama Group’s leading brand Vanarama decided to consult Tech Amigos to provide strategic direction, offer unrivalled AWS cloud support and transform its online presence. The aim was to transition away from a monolithic platform that supported its various web brands and move towards a more streamlined, cost-effective and secure microservices based digital platform.

Vanarama specialises as a broker in the business of consolidating leasing quotes for vans, pickups and cars in the B2B and B2C markets. The organisation recognised that customers now demand a fully streamlined digital experience, similar to those afforded within the financial services market. 

Jamie Buchanan, Chief Technology Officer at Vanarama explains: “Originally, customers would go to different sites to retrieve quotes for vans, cars and pickups. These platforms were supported by different content management systems (CMS). The content and presentation concerns were tightly coupled, making a consistent look and feel across websites difficult to achieve. We therefore recognised the need to accelerate our digital transformation efforts, while also remaining agile to ongoing business disruption. Put simply, a business as usual approach is no longer enough to remain competitive.”

Autorama made the strategic marketing decision for Tech Amigos to consolidate its online offering under one brand – Vanarama, which they found to resonate with its entire customer base. Autorama also recognised that they needed a new holistic digital platform, allowing for scope in automating various processes under one umbrella.

Jamie continues: “The collaboration has proved to be very effective as the structure is now more streamlined, cost-effective and secure. Tech Amigos began by devising a framework solution for a new digital platform, using AWS cloud services which could be developed, deployed and scaled independently and help safeguard from downstream failure.

“The technical direction was provided by Tech Amigos to develop the new Vanarama website to enable customers to easily differentiate and navigate our three core microservices – customers, vehicles and orders. The team’s guidance and support ensured we delivered consistency in the way that webpages are presented to customers. This was a key objective as the seamless delivery of products and services is our primary goal. Our end-to-end digital customer journey is supported from “quote to renewal” and our pricing for vehicle leasing is automated.

“Collaborating with Tech Amigos has allowed Vanarama to up-scale our media channels, particularly those online. On top of this, providing strong customer analytics has enabled us as a group to identify and analyse behavioural traits, customer feedback value and stream management, as well as scheduling algorithms to optimise delivery.”

Jamie concludes: “Our future here at Vanarama is bright and promising, as the top-level strategy of the group is set to become a key player in the automotive leasing market. To achieve this, we needed the vital insights and knowledge that Tech Amigos have bestowed to us as a group and we cannot wait to continue on our digital transformation journey.”

Sachin Deshpande, Founder and CTO at Tech Amigos adds: It has been an incredible journey and a proud moment to be part of this customer success story. Our expertise with

AWS cloud native technology and deep understanding of client needs helped us deliver what Vanarama needed to achieve their business objectives and give them a strategic, well-architected digital platform upon which they can build new features that matter to their customers.

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