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The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Announces Soft Launch, Onboarding Pre-selected Institutional Clients and Pre-qualified Retail Traders

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Announces Soft Launch, Onboarding Pre-selected Institutional Clients and Pre-qualified Retail Traders

The digital asset exchange will utilise its soft launch to develop optimised UI and UX

Gibraltar – 01 JUNE, 2018– The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), which aims to position itself as a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and digital asset exchange, has announced its digital asset exchange soft launch, which will see 300 retail account holders, as well as a select number of institutional participants, introduced to the platform during this exclusive early access period. These participants will have access to the full GBX digital asset exchange, serving as the first official users of, and traders upon, the platform.

“This serves as a significant step in our journey to becoming a leading digital asset exchange and token sale platform. The soft launch of the platform will mean that we can continue to work as effectively as possible toward providing an institutional-grade token sales springboard for utility tokens and top-quality digital asset exchange for the global blockchain and trading communities. This is the first step of many in our provision of exceptional service to our users and community,” said Nick Cowan, CEO of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange.

Those invited by the GBX to partake in its soft launch and commence trading on the platform, will be required to give feedback on their experience using the exchange. This feedback will inform substantive developments which will allow the platform to better cater to platform users’ needs, including the development of the finalised User Experience (UX) of the online digital assets exchange.

“We are dedicated to offering our community a premier experience. Our early-stage users will be instrumental in allowing the GBX team to develop the platform so that it meets the needs and requirements of our users across the globe. This is another step in our continued work towards the development of a robust token market, characterised by fairness, transparency, efficiency and safety. As a pioneer of industry best practices, we recognise the necessity of providing a top-class service to all those interested in trading or being listed upon the GBX,” added Cowan.

The announcement of the GBX soft launch follows the recent addition of Blockchain Worx to the digital asset exchange’s Sponsor Firm network. As a result of these additions, the GBX network now boasts 10 Sponsor Firms distributed across the globe.

It was also recently announced that the GBX GRID token sale platform would be hosting the Strykz token sale later this month, in collaboration with award-winning Stryking Entertainment GmbH. The StrykZ token sale will serve as the second token sale launched upon the GBX GRID, with the platform recently completing the early access token sale.

“2018 has been a year of great progress and success for the GBX thus far. We have successfully launched the GBX GRID, which has already hosted its first token sale, and are continuously adding promising blockchain businesses and solutions providers to our Sponsor Firms network. Today’s launch provides a basis upon which we will continue to build as the year continues, and will leave us in a position of strength to continue our work towards promoting industry best practices within the blockchain and token markets across the globe,” concluded Cowan.

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