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The “New-Fangled” Normal of “Working from Home” to Push the Public Cloud Service Market

Upsurge in Diagnostics by technology-driven, Preventive, and Value-oriented care

As per Persistence Market Research, the public cloud service market is expected to upsurge between 2020 and 2030.

There has been an ever-increasing demand for electronic gadgets with improvised connectivity. This factor acts as a key growth driver to public cloud service market. Public cloud services are also expected to find a substantial adoption in several commercial organizations, so as to let the employee’s access business-related files and documents.

What’s to Glance Through?

The healthcare sector is looking forward for large-scale adoption of public cloud services as they do enable healthcare professionals and patients to access as well as store data related to treatment. The agricultural industry is also looking for incorporating public cloud services, such that agriculturalists are able to access information that is stored by precision farmers for curtailing adverse effects on environment, thereby ensuring reduction in process. The farmers could also lay their hands on billing system, demand from customers, and supply chain. This data storage, in turn, help them in setting the demarcation lines right with regards to product process.

Cloud platform can’t be imagined without virtualization in the present scenario, mainly because all the software applications and servers needed by the other cloud providers come to be maintained by 3rd party people. All the public cloud service providers have to do is – shell out money on yearly or monthly basis.

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistance, and Cortana are famous in-home smart assistive technologies in the current parlance. These smart home cloud platforms pave the way for more personalized response regarding consumers’ voices’ contextual understanding. A unique and tailored experience is provided. Big things are certainly in store with 5G looking to make inroads to a novel ecosystem. This is evident from the fact that the smart home cloud platform market is slated to witness a stupendous CAGR of 16.7% between 2020 and 2030.

How About Cloud Security?

Technological advancements are on the verge of reaching their zenith. As such, cloud storage, backed by cloud computing, finds its presence in almost every walk of life. As far as revenue is concerned, cloud advertising is expected to lead from the front, more so due to the fact that it is embedded with cloud security. The sensitive data could thus be protected, thereby averting any major dismays on this count.

The IT sector has witnessed an impetus with boom in usage of smart devices. This has also resulted in increase in the number of cyberattacks, thereby widening the scope for cloud security. The public cloud service providers are all set to provide cloud security in an aplomb.

Covid-19 Impact

The outbreak of Covid-19 has resulted in spike in demand for public cloud services, as more than 60% of population across the globe is compelled to work from home till the vaccine-oriented situation is in place. This remote working calls for more data security. Though this exponential increase in demand is bound to continue till mid-2021, the aftermath will also not be less than an arithmetic progression as security continues to be of paramount importance.

Region-Wise Analysis

North America holds the largest market share, followed by Europe due to the presence of numerous players therein. Asia-Pacific and Latin America are also witnessing a rise in demand for cloud services, especially amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Competitive Analysis

The key players in the public cloud service market include

  • Adobe Systems, Inc.,
  • Oracle Corp.,
  • CenturyLink, Inc.,
  • Alphabet, Inc.,
  • HCL Technologies
  • Microsoft Corp.
  • HCL Technologies

Have tabled their “utility computing”, which is helping in elimination of data redundancy, as the client is capable of accessing data from anywhere and anytime.

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