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The ‘No-Decision Manager’

The ‘No-Decision Manager’ 37

By Grant Tait, author of No-Decision Managers

New Book Offers Enlightenment To All Those Who Have Worked With ‘No-Decision Managers’ (And To Those Who Do Not Know That They Have Them In Their Organisation.)

Grant Tait has had a successful career despite working with no-decision managers for 25 years. He has gone on to write a blog on how to work with them and has just released his book ‘How to Become a No-Decision Manager,’ a light-hearted story educating his readers in the valuable lessons he has learned.

When writing the book, Grant came up with two subtitles: Become an enlightened subordinate working for a no decisions boss, putting the reader in a subordinate’s shoes explaining how to work happily with a no-decision manager and still have a career. In the second subtitle: Manage a team of no decision managers, he shows how to detect them while managing them, to keep subordinates from leaving.

The book focuses on analysing the inner workings of managers who avoid decision making at every possible turn. He discusses how these kinds of managers can make life difficult for subordinates and are capable of destroying a business.

Grant teaches the reader the common behaviours and tactics these managers use to dodge making decisions and how they can detect and even effectively work with them. He has identified 15 different tactics, that despite never being discussed, all no decision managers adhere to, inventing alliterative names to further support the mocking tone the book takes (and to make each tactic more memorable and recognisable).

With his experience working as a manager across many organisations, Grant has an insight in working with no-decision managers and his expertise has gone on to help many others discover what traits these people have. He has also written humorous articles about the workings of multinational organisations often written anonymously to protect his job or under the pseudonym Grant Petrie.

‘I am hoping that my book helps many learn how to identify a no-decision manager and learn the different positive ways to work with them. I’m pleased to share my knowledge of how they survive in organisations and how to detect them.’

About the author:

Grant is a qualified chartered accountant with an MBA from INSEAD in France.

His career included more than 25 years managing teams in Europe in multinational corporations whose headquarters were in USA, Italy, Switzerland and Japan. Throughout his career, he met and worked with managers that never make decisions.

Grant writes on LinkedIn and Medium about these no-decision managers. He has also written humorous articles about life in these multinationals, anonymously or as Grant Petrie to protect his employment. They were published in various professional magazines such as Management Today, Personnel Journal and Management Accounting.

He now lives in France.


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