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The Rise of Cardboard Packaging Alternatives


The amount of money spent online has grown massively in recent years thanks to the rise of technology and our constant connectivity. In 2015 it was predicted that the UK would be the most frequent online shoppers, with an average spend of £1,174 each. This is a stark comparison to the meager £1,023 Germany were predicted and the even more miniscule estimation of Sweden’s £588.

imageWith e-commerce, of course comes e-commerce packaging. Cardboard boxes have been used thoroughly in the packaging industry since its patent in 1856 and rose to prominence as a shipping material in the 1870s. It remains popular today thanks to its ability to protect the goods inside it, preventing stock loss and costly refunds.  Corrugated cardboard boxes are extremely strong; and can withstand long transit journeys and months in storage. Thanks to the strength of these boxes, they are extremely popular for goods that need to be stacked when transported and are utilised in all aspects of shipping.

Benefits of traditional corrugated cardboard boxes

  • Strength
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • Cost Effective

Of course, since 1856 there’s been a plethora of innovation in the packaging industry and businesses are now able to purchase carefully manufactured packaging materials that protect their goods in ways they never thought possible.

image-1AirPack inflatable packaging

AirPack systems are inflatable bags for packaging and is a completely innovative design taking over the packaging industry. The product is manufactured using synthetic plastic technology to create 100% recyclable plastic. This makes a great alternative to typical bubble wrap cushioning which is made of polythene and non-recyclable.  Today, 83% of consumers worldwide say that it is important for businesses to make efforts towards sustainability.

Benefits of AirPack packaging

  • AirPack is lightweight and arrives deflated, this means it is a low cost to buy and ship when compared to traditional bubble wrap.
  • A great alternative to earth damaging cushioning products like polystyrene balls, which are bad for the environment and leach toxins into the atmosphere and cause a choking hazard for wildlife.
  • AirPack is available in a range of sizes, from perfume bottle protectors to widescreen TV bags.

Padded Mailer Bags

With the rise of e-commerce comes the need for unique packaging supplies that can be posted easily through letterboxes. Companies know the value of having their goods arrive in tact and failing to invest in proper packaging materials can be detrimental to customer relationships.

Previously the options for sending heavy weight items in the post meant that only cardboard boxes could be used, but if the customer was out the item was undeliverable! Mile Lite bags are a new innovation that allows items to be sent via the post in slim-line envelopes that offer all the protection of a traditional double wall cardboard box.

Padded mail bags are tough wearing and offer superior protection to the goods inside, they are ideal for posting items such as tools which would typically burst a domestic strength envelope. Each mailing bag is manufactured from 100% Kraft paper pulp which is what gives it its superior strength. Kraft translates from the German word strength and this name could not be more apt! Mail bags are a great solution for companies who prefer to send slim line packages in place of bulky boxes.

image-2This type of packaging is particularly useful since the launch of new shipping guidelines known as “dimensional packaging”. Shipping costs are now based on the higher of two measurements: package weight or package size. Those who ship efficiently will have noticed no change, while those that ship lots of cushioning products and air are faced with a dramatic increase in shipping cost. Moving to padded mail bags is a great way to avoid charges.

The Future of Packaging

Striking a balance between protective packaging and keeping cots low can be difficult to achieve, especially as consumers are now looking for more from the brands they purchase from.  Thankfully, thanks to innovation in recent years there are scores of new packaging developments that can assist companies in their packaging strategies, whether they are moving towards eco-friendly materials or seeking to reduce their shipping costs, whilst maintaining high levels of protection.

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