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Top Five Tips for Using Your Credit Card

Get the most out of your spending, with these tops tips from credit card provider, Debenhams Personal Finance

Andy Newman, Head of Personal Finance at Debenhams, shares his top tips for getting the most out of your credit card in the run up to Christmas: 

Use your credit card for the big purchases

“Using a credit card, rather than a debit card, offers you increased level of protection against fraudulent charges – particularly useful when making large purchases such as booking a holiday or buying special gifts. This is a major benefit of using a credit card, especially at this time of year when our spending increases in the run up to Christmas.”

Pick a card that offers rewards when you spend

“Credit cards can provide great benefits to customers if you make the most of the rewards on offer. Choose a credit card which has benefits to suit you. With a Debenhams Credit Card, we offer a points reward system to customers when they spend on their card, both in store and externally, that can be exchanged for vouchers.* New customers can also take advantage of a welcome voucher and money off purchases in store.”

Make the most of introductory offers

“If a credit card is brand new territory for you, choose a card with a low or 0% interest introductory offer. This will give you time to adjust to paying the monthly instalments when you haven’t previously needed to do so. If you spend £500 in store at Debenhams or online on furniture or beds, you will receive 0% for 12 months – a great option for any first time buyers or those looking to refurbish their home ahead of the festive break!” 

Shift your debt

“If you are looking to save some money in the run up to Christmas, it’s worth considering moving any existing credit card debt using a balance transfer deal on a new card to save money. There are lots of good introductory deals available so do your research. At Debenhams, we offer 0% interest on balance transfers for 12 months.” 

Be aware of the fees involved

“Not everyone is aware of the potential fees associated with their credit card. Some providers charge their customers an annual fee. It’s important that you understand what you are going to be paying when committing to a provider so you can determine whether or not the fees outweigh the benefits on offer. We’re proud that there is no annual fee with the Debenhams Credit Card and we are pleased to offer a range of benefits.”

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