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What it takes to create a £1 million app

What it takes to create a £1 million app
  • Insurance2go analysed the top 10 best-selling apps
  • Features of each app were analysed to find the trends of success
  • Top tips provided to help you develop an app that’ll make you a millionaire

OneMIllionPoundAppAre you racking your brain trying to think of the next Candy Crush Saga or Pokémon Go? New research from Insurance2go could provide you with the help you need to get started.

The eight key components for developing an app that’s destined for success have been discovered through analysis of the top 10 performing apps of recent years, and it’s actually simpler than you may think.

Below are some of the key components every £1 million app needs:

  • Competitive and/or social element – 5/10 of the top apps are games with serious multiplayer aspects, and the ever-popular Tinder is all about “socialising”, so it’s pretty clear that your app needs a competitive and/or social element.
  • Combat – 5/7 of the top games are combat related, so whatever happens in the app, it needs to involve the death of your enemies.
  • Bright colours – Even the war games don’t all take a realistic tone – in fact, the majority of the games are cutesy and brightly coloured.
  • Free – Most successful apps are free, with money made through in-game purchases or advertising. Only Netflix doesn’t have a free option.

OneMIllionPoundApp2To help you further along your route to success, Insurance2go’s app experts have developed a ‘How To’ guide on building the perfect app from start to finish. The guide answers common concerns, including: “I can’t build technical things. Am I doomed?”

Duncan Spencer, Managing Director of Insurance2go said: “Since Kim Kardashian’s app took the world by storm, everyone started to believe that they too could produce an app that would go viral.

“We wanted to show people that there are trends in the apps that have succeeded, while providing some basic tips on how to get started. There’s always room in the market for another addictive, sweet-based game.”

To see the remaining tips for producing an app that will change your life, plus find out all you need to know about where to start on this exciting journey, head to

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