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Xactly Introduces Commission Expense Forecasting Solution for Finance

Xactly Introduces Commission Expense Forecasting Solution for Finance

Visibility into Compensation Spending Lets Finance Leaders Improve Forecasting Accuracy

Xactly (NYSE: XTLY), a leading provider of cloud-based incentive solutions, today introduced Xactly’sCommission Expense Forecasting Solution, giving finance leaders increased insight into their organisation’s commission expense spending. With timely and on-demand visibility, the new offering provides the capability to forecast commission expenses, allowing companies to mitigate the risk of material weaknesses, and generate and refine accurate accruals.

“Without confidence in your forecasts, it’s impossible to strategically plan for the business,” said Joe Consul, Chief Financial Officer for Xactly Corporation. “With this new offering, Xactly enables finance leaders to forecast and adapt to a changing business environment in near real-time.”

Xactly Increases Accuracy of Commission Expense Forecasting

Accurate accruals are critical to the financial operations of any company. Without knowledge and insight into anticipated costs, organisations don’t have the precise data that they need to forecast expenses and earnings.

With a single point of access in Salesforce, Xactly Commission Expense Forecasting includes the following capabilities and features:

  • Seamless data integration – with the forecast pulling data directly from the Salesforce CRM system
  • Dynamic scenario modeling – that can be re-run for a myriad of assumptions, and as deals in the pipeline actually close
  • Fast and easy reporting – requiring no programming or formula writing, so reports can be quickly generated, shared, and presented

By leveraging the power of Xactly, combined with detailed pipeline information in Salesforce, finance teams can model potential sales scenarios, estimate commissions expense, and analyse the impact on earnings based on any combination of possible revenue outcomes.

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